Monday, December 22, 2008

Revisiting The Clock Tower Teluk Intan with 24-105mm

_MG_4528 (Medium)
Really not wide enough

_MG_4525 (Medium)
So many people taking photographs there

_MG_4524 (Medium)

_MG_4523 (Medium)
The wishing well

_MG_4519 (Medium)

_MG_4514 (Medium)
U must hold the stair when coming down

_MG_4521 (Medium)

_MG_4510 (Medium)
The clock bell

_MG_4518 (Medium)

_MG_4509 (Medium)
The water tank

_MG_4502 (Medium)
i only can go up to second floor.


ws pang said...

10-22mm ??

Johnny Ong said...

the pict showing the clock bell is beautiful