Monday, February 14, 2011

Iphone High Noon Tips

I must admit i am addicted to this game after i downloaded it last week. Especially if u like to play cow boy style gun shooting just like duel in the movies.

 That is me in my plain clothes. 

 When i win. My record is about 8/10 win. 

Tips for winning:
1) Just shoot fast and accurate. 
2) Amplify your movement when reloading bullets.
3) Try using shotgun if u cant aim.
4) Play using wifi rather than 3G.

When i lose. 

I wont be doing a full review here becoz u can google it. This game is worth a post in my blog becoz it is super addicting. I remember the last time i hooked to a game is Civilization 2 during my form 3 years.

 My High Noon ID HN 276439722. 
I dare u to challenge me. Haha

Monday, February 07, 2011

Intel recall Sandy Bridge Chipset!!

Intel had issued a recall on the new Sandy Bridge Chipset. My Dell XPS 8300 is one of the affected pc.

From Dell website:

On Jan. 31, Intel announced a Stop Ship on its Cougar Point (Intel 6 Series) chipset. The chipset is utilized in PCs with Intel's latest Second Generation Intel Core processors, code-named Sandy Bridge. According to Intel, ports within the chipsets may degrade over time, potentially impacting the performance or functionality of SATA-linked devices such as hard disk drives and DVD drives.

For customers impacted by this issue, Dell offers a couple of solutions. Customers experiencing issues will be supported under the warranty and service terms. Once Dell has new chipsets from Intel in early April, Dell will provide a motherboard replacement that corrects the design issue at no cost to our customers. Replacements will be provided at the customers’ location and convenience via authorized Dell service providers. Affected customers may also take advantage of the applicable return policy, which may vary by region.

Ask the pharmacist

1) I am very satisfied with the my new Dell. The performance is top notch.
2) Dell is offering me their Applicable Return Policy, i can just return back and get my money back.
3) I think i will opt for a return. Who knows what i can get in April. Maybe a completely new configurations with even better peformance.
4) The way Dell handle the recall is extremely satisfying. I get to use my new pc for a week for foc, although there is some minor problem ie i can't use my DVD-ROM.
5) This is my 6th Dell PC and becoz of all these good experience, i think i will be lifetime Dell user.