Monday, March 30, 2009

Buddhist Sanctuary

Last Sunday, we get to visit a Buddhist Sanctuary near Temoh, Perak. It was a nice and calm place, especially for meditation and to relieve some stress from work.

Meditation place

Nice flower

Even the dog also felt relaxed

Those who want to feel the nature, can even take a hike up the small hill.

What a day... away from my pharmacy

How high is the water pressure inside water pipe?

Yesterday we came across a broken pipe on our way home from cheng meng.

like a cannon

Free car wash

Holy shit...imagine if u shot by this kind of water pressure?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth hour 28 March 2009

It seems like everyone is talking about it. Now with the power of internet, everyone seems to get the notice. Yes switch off the light tonight from 8.30pm -9.30pm. No lar, how am i going to switch off all lights in my pharmacy. Want to get rob is it? But i will still turn off some of the lights or electrical equipments that i can afford.

See how big and happy is our earth now?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taking up photography as a hobby

Taking up photography is an expensive hobby and also time consuming. If u r really into it, it may cost u $$ equivalent to a small car. Actually i had considered long enough before i jump in, what am i going to do with it, it is worth the money, etc.

I guess most of us will find some reasons to justify our purchases as it is something that we want. Camera basically is a toy, and most of the guys like toys. And yet we dont want to admit that we will lose money owning a toy, saying we can earn the back the spending by shooting weddings. But you must remember, shooting wedding requires more tools and unless you charge >RM 1k and above/wedding, u wont able to get back your investment. That is why i cant understand why people charge for free for wedding shooting.

Some people may said, aiseh...once i learned enough i will charge. But dont u think that charging FOC actually will slow you down in learning? By charging free, you wont want to improve as u wont expect to get scolding from your customers. FOC what!!! Why you so picky? FOC lar, what u expect? By charging, you will strive to learn more and thus be able to recoup your investment and thus buy more equipments. haha...

Now i am thinking to get an wide angle lens or another camera body.

I am charging at a discounted rate of RM 500 only for one day wedding shot for my blog readers consisting of DVD slideshow, 800+ all original and edited pictures. And i just learned that one of my idol photographer actually charge more than RM 3k for the same service. I also strive to be just like him, getting award winning pictures, and consistently taking damn nice pictures and be able to charge that rate.

Call me at 016-2506347 or email me at for booking

Monday, March 23, 2009

Retail pharmacist life is very boring

Sometimes i do wonder, if my life suppose to be like this. Sitting in the shop from 9am -9 pm everyday Monday to Saturday, boring right? The only thing other than selling medicine is to surf the net and blogging. And i can't imagine what my life would be constraining myself to the limited space in my shop if there is no internet. I guess i am going to be mad.

After watching the movie "Yes Man", how i wish to be like him. Yes, like him after the Yes seminar, not before. Let see if i can practice it also. To live my life to the fullest.

My funny mind

Next year i will be 30 years old, i am wondering actually what i have done over the past 30 years. Am i maturing enough to enter the year of 30s? When i flashed back, my mind indeed changes as i old.

For eg, the newspaper that i read.
At 7 years old, standard 1
Only check out the chinese newspaper for the tv guide.

At 10 years old, standard 4
I started to buy and read Malay newspaper and i only read the comic section, tv guide and the news.

12 years old, standard 6
I started to read The Star and i read little bit of news, comic section, and tv guide.

15 years old, form 3
First i would read the Sport Section, followed by Comic, TV Guide, News. Never flip open the Biz Section.

25 years old,
Only then i start read the Biz Section, but hardly understand any. Tried anyway. Then the news.

26 years old
Read the Biz Section, then follow by checking advertisement for sale, does not bother to read Sports.

Starting at 28 years old
Only read occasionally The Star or Sunday Times, usually read from online, especially Stocktube and MT.

30 years old,
So what is next?
Read p*rn magazine? Hey!! it is not available in Malaysia lar..
Haha..... Will i change again?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ten Facts about this baby

1) Baby knows how to self pose in front of camera. Dont u agree?
2) Baby can do a 360 degree turn while sleeping.
3) Baby clear from diaper rashes.
4) Baby is willing to let others to hug in exchange of food.
5) Baby dont want to take any medication syrup at all. She will spit it out.
6) Baby is not willing to be feed using bottles, only by using spoon.
7) Baby can laugh hysterically when someone playing with her.
8) Baby never taken a pacifier (silicone soother)at all.
9) Baby like story books, but will get bored when she see others...
10) Baby still cannot crawl, but she can jump or walk with aid.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The real cost of owning a proton saga 1.3

This month is the last payment i am going to pay for my Proton Saga. It has been 5 years since i started paying it.

Buying cost: RM 35000 (assume no down payment)
Car interest over 5 years: 3.5%x35000x5= RM 6125
Car service every 6 months: RM 200x2x5=RM 2000
Car insurance: RM 1067.20 (33K) +744.40 (30K,25%)+640.84 (27K,30%) +533.68 (25K,38.5%)+405.56 (20K 45%)=RM3391.68
Road Tax: RM 70x5=RM 350
Speed Trap: RM 300
Car repair due to accident: RM 400

Total money spend on the car excluding petrol: RM47566.68

Car worth today: RM 15000

Money spend on the car during 5 years of owning it =RM 47566.68-15000=RM 32566.68
Cost/Month= RM 542.78
Cost/Day= RM 18.09

So far my car has driven 55000km, so 32566.68/ 55000=60 cents/km

If the petrol cost 20 cents/km, every km i drive will cost me 60+20=80 cents

A trip to kl:
Bus cost RM 14.20/person
If i drive my car up= 80cents x170km +Toll RM18=RM 154

Holy Sh*t, next time i go kl i better take bus if i go alone.

Me and baby in Lumut last Sunday

Monday, March 16, 2009

Compugates to develop pharmacy chain

Friday March 13, 2009

Compugates to develop pharmacy chain

KUALA LUMPUR: Main board-listed Compugates Holdings Bhd plans to tie up with Mara to develop a chain of 3,000 bumiputra-owned pharmacies.

The company is the sole distributor for Swiss-based pharmaceutical company Amavita Apotheke Central for Malaysia and the Asean region.

According to a statement yesterday, the chain of pharmacies would be supplied with Amavita products under the Compugates Amavita Apotheke brand name.

Compugates’ subsidiary, Compugates Development and Mining Sdn Bhd, will be working with the Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development Ministry to develop the bumiputra-owned franchise under a proposed entrepreneurial scheme.

Under this scheme, Mara will provide each qualified bumiputra a loan of RM300,000, of which RM100,000 will be for setting up a pharmacy.

The scheme will involve the recruitment of Mara pharmacy graduates as entrepreneurs to own and operate these pharmacies.

The remaining RM200,000 will be for procuring pharmaceutical supplies through Compugates Development and Mining Sdn Bhd. Compugates will then continue to supply Amavita products to the pharmacies.


Ask the pharmacist

1) I just have a the feeling that this will not work. There are many factors involved in opening a new pharmacy. In short, it is not an easy job. Competition is very intense. But lets see, u never know if u never try. Better than failed after trying than failed b4 trying. Unless we get dispensing right, this plan is not feasible at all.

2) Do u know why i say this plan is no good for the young bumiputras?
Opening a retail pharmacy requires very hard work and it is highly risky as well. How can u expect a freshly graduates without any retail exposure to run a biz on their own? Compugates is very smart indeed. They want to open pharmacies, but they knew the risk, so they pass on the risk to the pharmacist. If anything goes wrong, Compugates will not loss anything, as they still can recover their initial investment of 300k from the graduates.

As for the graduates, if the biz fail, they have to repay to the Compugates or else declared bankrupt. If the biz success, they still owe Compugates and they have to sticked to the agreement that they need to buy their good from Compugates. That means no diff, they took the loan and they r like an employee to Compugates.

What a stupid idea by Compugates, i hope pharmacist is smart enough to realize that.... If they really want to open their own retail pharmacy, why dont they just get 150k loan from banks?

Wedding Registration 14/03/09

Location: Tadika Cher Fong Khor, Teluk Intan
Date: 14/3/2009
Time: 2.30pm-3.30pm
Groom: Mr Lim Kee Seong
Bride: Ms Chai Hwee Ying
Equipment: 450D+24-105mmL+580EXII

Mr Lim is one of my best friend since primary school. Actually we was in the same kindergarden but that time i am too blur to know any of my friends. Only after i checked my photo album i only realised he is one of my friend. Therefore, last saturday i was so glad to be able to take pictures for them. It was about 1 hour quick session as i need to go back to my shop to work. Yes, i need to work in saturday as well.


I am the one standing on the right side. The staff was helpful to help me took this picture. Standing on the side make me fat becoz it is wide angle. Or am i really fat?Ops..

The groom so happy..haha

Since we still have few minutes left, we stopped by at an old house to take few shots.

I am looking forward for dinner...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Trading futures in Bursa Malaysia

Since i am so bearish in KLSE, why dont i make some pocket money shorting FKLI? Today is the first time i trade FKLI. It is like a roller coaster ride. Morning up, then down then up the down. If a person can master this market, there r plenty of money to be made.
Every point is worth RM 50 for one contract. U will breakeven after one point. So if i short at 844 and close the position at 840, i gain 4 points. Minus one point for commission i earn 3 x RM 50=RM 150/day. Not bad right?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comparing viagra, levitra, cialis for erectile dysfunction

First we have to know what is the risk for erectile dysfunction, mainly are smoking, alchohol, high blood glucose, and high cholesterol level.

Now we go into medicine for treatment
Viagra or sildenafil is effective from 30 minutes - 4 hours and it is taken on empty stomach. Initial dose is 50mg and if well tolerated, it can increased to 100mg. If u r taking any of the so called CYP34A inhibitor like erythromycin, itraconazole, ketoconazole, saquinavir: u should start on 25 mg.
It can lower blood pressure about 8mmHg, those with heart problem is advised not to take any. About 3% men will experience blue tinge in vision after taking.

Levitra or vardenafil effectiveness is same as viagra and taken b4 food. Recommended dose is 10mg for most men, if > 65 years old start with 5mg. It may work better in diabetes related sexual dysfunction.

Cialis or tadalafil is effective within 16 minutes until 36 hours and can be taken after food.
Recommended dose of cialis is also 10mg for most men, if > 65 years old start with 5mg.

Ask the pharmacist
All the medicines here are contraindicated in patients taking nitrates of any form, regularly or intermittently. Men who have had a heart attack, stroke, or life-threatening irregular heart beats (called arrhythmia) within the last six months Men with untreated low or high blood pressure Men with retinitis pigmentosa, a progressive eye disorder that can lead to blindness are also contraindicated.

Consult your doctor b4 taking.

Massive bloodshed in bursa

Today, blood spill all over in bursa. Massive killing..phew..
luckily i had disposed all yesterday.
Worse had yet to come. Definitely not buying in this month, esp when politically uncertainty still persist. Do u have any idea who will become PM next month? Mr Najib?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Run for your life: Hopeless Bursa Malaysia

After 2 years of trading in Bursa Malaysia, i finally give up on buying any shares until the situation improves, especially in the gov. I am also saddened with the current crisis happening in my beloved state, Perak. In these 2 years of trading, i have learned so many things, one thing for sure is that we cannot hope..haha...

And for those shares that i am holding, i will dispose them as when their price rebound, becoz i think the worse has yet to come. Stimulus package totalling RM 60 Billions has failed to ignite any fire in the shares price. When the regional market up today, Bursa went to holland, it seems like the RM 60 billions is worthless in the investors mind or it is just plain toilet papers or Zimbabwe currency.-grin-

And after seeing so many things happen in our country, i lost hope in it. I cant fight this bear alone, and now not many people want to fight. They just stand aside seeing everyone get slaughtered by the bear. You can ask around, how many aunties or uncles were still in the Bursa now?

Although my body is always pumped up with adrenalin, my brain is asking me to RUN rather than to FIGHT the bear.

Here i recommend SELL ALL SHARES if u r still holding. This bear is just too strong. Last week i heard from my wife, one uncle in Teluk Intan ran away after he suffered massive injuries trying to fight it, and yet he is one of the famous biz owner in Teluk Intan.

So, now what? I guess i just keep money to do the killing later. -grin-
(now only holding BJTOTO after disposing all today)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AIPO Dry Box 102L from shashinki

After almost one year using Thirsty Hippo, finally i got myself a Aipo 102L Dry Box. Decision was made after hearing my friend's lens and camera got infected with fungus.

One thing i dont like about this dry box is there r no light inside. where shall i place this dry box?

This dry box came with 2 manuals. One stated 30-40% and one 40-50%. Confusing right?
After consulting my friend, i decided to stick with 45%.