Saturday, December 13, 2008

Haha...Naughty baby get her first lesson

Yesterday i was arranging a photo session with my baby. I was holding her while eating my orange, coincidentally she nagged me for a bite. So i asked my wife to take out my camera and take the pic of her trying the orange as she never put anything else inside her except milk.

_MG_4271 (Medium)
papa, i want to try

_MG_4272 (Medium)
this is nice (very sweet)

_MG_4273 (Medium)
i want i want i want (that is how she nag)

_MG_4274 (Medium)

_MG_4275 (Medium)
shit...hahaha (how come so sour)

Ask the pharmacist
1) These pictures were priceless to me, even it is out of focus.
2)Always bring your camera.
3) Not every part of the oranges are sweet..haha
4) No baby was harm during photo shooting.


Ted said...

I bet you that when she grows up she will not like to eat oranges ...hahah. Some kind of phobia from now..

beyond said...

I love this post. So funny.
Keep shooting bro.

3-Seconder said...

adoiii... such a bad papa!!!! ;)

FYI, babies too young to take acidic fruits (that is oranges) lah.