Friday, March 04, 2011

Google Adsense

My first google adsense payment!!
 How to get payment from google adsense?

1) Print out the statement from Adsense.
2) Go to Pos Office and get the Western Union form.
3) Fill up the form and take a number.
4) Pass the form to the counter officer.
5) Officer pass to her superior.
6) Superior check the manual.
7) Superior make a phone call.
8) Superior key in something to the computer.
9) Superior refer the manual again.
10) Superior ask another staff for guide.
11) After 25 minutes, finally give up and pass me the money first.
12) Superior refer to the manual again. I got my money and leave.
13) I went to sushi King to buy my lunch to celebrate.

I can say Google pay me 3 times more than Nuffnang.
Here, I can eat 7 times more sushi before i can finish my Adsense payment. 
Way to go GOOGLE!!

High Noon Update

As i blog in my previous post, Iphone High Noon is a very addicting game. U can see from my picture below.

From this innocent player,

 I play until becoming this mad man.
Come and shoot this mad man before it is too late.