Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Book Review: The Story of Success

This is the book i bought from mph online recently after some poisoning from this guy (dont click on the link, this guy is So, i cut the story short. This book is about the story of success. So far i has finished chapter 2. Dont ask me why i didnt continue reading. I need some time to digest the content b4 i continue.

Chapter 2 is about 10,000 Hour rule. In other words, if u want to be successful in something, u need to spend time on it. If u want to be God in Share trading, u need to practice trading for 10,000 hours. If u want to be good in photography, u need to take pic and take pic and take pic until 10,000 hours. So how long is 10,000 hours? if u spend 3 hours a day practicing everyday, u will need 9.2 years or roughly 10 years. Eg. Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher, Beatles, Bill Joy, Mozart, Bobby Fischer etc

Simple right? See me in 10 years to see the result, if i don't become rich in share trading, i will burn this book. HAHAHA

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I just know they will come back

GOOD MORNING UNCLE, GOOD MORNING AUNTIE! They shouted until they waked me up. I wonder who is the FB who shouted so loud in the morning. I looked through the window. And i saw these.

(Basically they r selling cheap products for high price after lecture.)

Yes, they are coming back..just at the different location. This time it is right opposite my father's shop. Yesterday my grandpa went for the pre-opening 15 minutes health lecture. Yesterday talk was short, mainly aiming to persuade my grandpa and the rest to call more people for today full one hour lecture. After the talk, everybody including my grandpa was given 10 eggs to bring home.
How many people will buy their product this time? Judging from the people going in for so called health lecture, u tell me.

In 2006, one not rich grandma complained to me how his son spend her hard earned money buying something useless. And she almost cried in my shop. Then i have seen one lady scolded by her mother in law in my pharmacy after they show me the product they bought.

I am not saying their product is completely useless, but just that the price is way too high. I have the same feeling towards MLM products, their supplements can work, but why u want to spend money buying something which is only worth less than 10% of the price?

I asked my grandpa, today u dont want to attend? He said, i already got eggs for christmas. I wonder what they will give today.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Mr Loh Chon Fei Wedding Video

can anyone tell me how to improve the video quality in youtube?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Introducing staff in pharmalogik

Since it is a boring day, i took this opportunity to shoot my staff in pharmalogik. I have 2 staff, one malay and one indian.

_MG_4554 (Medium)
Introducing Kavitha.
She is on maternity leave starting from tomorrow.
I have to work harder as she is not around for 2 months.

_MG_4549_pp (Large)
Introducing Su.
Her name is too long, so i just call her Su.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Revisiting The Clock Tower Teluk Intan with 24-105mm

_MG_4528 (Medium)
Really not wide enough

_MG_4525 (Medium)
So many people taking photographs there

_MG_4524 (Medium)

_MG_4523 (Medium)
The wishing well

_MG_4519 (Medium)

_MG_4514 (Medium)
U must hold the stair when coming down

_MG_4521 (Medium)

_MG_4510 (Medium)
The clock bell

_MG_4518 (Medium)

_MG_4509 (Medium)
The water tank

_MG_4502 (Medium)
i only can go up to second floor.

Tilt-Shift Photography from Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

_MG_4499 (Medium)

_MG_4497 (Medium)

_MG_4501 (Medium)

_MG_4490 (Medium)

I guess 10-22mm will have a better effect. 24-105mm is just not wide enough for landscape.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

24-105mm f4 L IS (POISON)

I got my lens today from YL.
_MG_4401 (Medium)

_MG_3452 (Medium) (Medium)
The poisonous Red Ring.

_MG_4398 (Medium)

_MG_4399 (Medium)

_MG_4383 (Medium)
Even my baby is impressed with L lens..

Ask the pharmacist
1) Anyone need a wedding or event photographer in teluk intan? Call me.

Trying photoshop effect

Yesterday was a boring day, i have been waiting for my 24-105mm for since Monday. So we took some funny photos using my kit lens b4 i retire it.

_MG_4348 (Medium)

_MG_4358 (Medium)

_MG_4372 (Medium)

Ask the pharmacist
1) My grandpa pose is way more cooler than us...ops..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Delicious as advertised? Maggi Mee

Working as a retail pharmacist is long hours and i often got no time to eat. Even though the eating stalls are just nearby, the S***** law prevent the pharmacist from stepping out of the pharmacy or else i have to lock the poison cabinet.

So as u can see below, i bought this Xtra delicious Maggi Tom Yam for my dinner. The packaging is nice, so i felt that i will be satisfied with this "delixious" meal even if the content can match the outside 50%.

And i happily went to boil my water and prepare for the my dinner. And so i open the lid and saw these...

WOW...look how big is the prawn!! One MF BIG PRAWN!!
Or is it a prawn or "he bi"?

Ask the pharmacist
1)I can finish this thing 2 bowl and yet felt nothing.
2)I never buy these type of instant noodle again.
3)Pls bear in mind instant noddle is not good for health. I bought it becoz i am food lover.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can my 450D disadvantages turn into advantages?

Yesterday i was looking through dpreview.com for my 450D review and i saw them listed these as cons /limitations of my 450D.
  • Average automatic white balance performance, still very poor under incandescent light
  • Limited exposure compensation range
  • Contrast detect AF so slow it's useless for most types of photography
  • Metering has tendency to overexpose in very bright, contrasty conditions
  • Default JPEG output may be a little 'over processed' for some tastes (raw far more flexible)
  • Flash must be up for AF assist lamp (although AF is good even in low light)
  • Automatic AF point selection unpredictable (use center AF, it's safer)
  • Occasional total focus failures (in our case only 5 or 6 shots in almost 2000)
  • New Auto Lighting Optimizer doesn't really seem to do anything
  • No mass storage USB support
  • A little pricey

Ask the pharmacist
Solution to all the above problems?

Shoot RAW and shoot a lot. But of course u can choose another poisonous route to solve the problem.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby photo shot 1

_MG_4265 (Medium)
She keep on looking at my camera and didnt smile at all

_MG_4264 (Medium)

_MG_3452 (Medium)

_MG_4316 (Medium)

_MG_4319 (Medium)

_MG_3454 (Medium)

_MG_4284 (Medium)

Haha...Naughty baby get her first lesson

Yesterday i was arranging a photo session with my baby. I was holding her while eating my orange, coincidentally she nagged me for a bite. So i asked my wife to take out my camera and take the pic of her trying the orange as she never put anything else inside her except milk.

_MG_4271 (Medium)
papa, i want to try

_MG_4272 (Medium)
this is nice (very sweet)

_MG_4273 (Medium)
i want i want i want (that is how she nag)

_MG_4274 (Medium)

_MG_4275 (Medium)
shit...hahaha (how come so sour)

Ask the pharmacist
1) These pictures were priceless to me, even it is out of focus.
2)Always bring your camera.
3) Not every part of the oranges are sweet..haha
4) No baby was harm during photo shooting.