Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Klcc Aquaria with family and 5dmkii + 50mm f1.8

Actually my purpose of going to klcc is to view and maybe to join crazy iphone 4 frenzy in Maxis centre here. But after i was told to wait for 3 days before i can convert my current number to Maxis line, i hold my temptations on getting it. I had been using this Digi line since 2002 and it is not wise for me to get iphone with a new number. I was also told that the current queue is few hundreds number before being served. Why i didnt go for Digi Iphone 4? They don't have 3G in teluk intan.

Suria klcc

 We thought we can able to visit the Sky Bridge of KLCC, but all the tickets were finished when we arrived. Next time, we need to come as early as 8.30am to get the free tickets.

Guess what fish is this?

My last visit to Aquaria with my Canon 3S IS camera few years ago with WSPang failed miserably. All the photos were blur and too dark to be viewed. This time, i have my pictures that i wanted with my 5d. Low light? No flash? Spot light everywhere? No problem.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Killing 1000 Mosquito

Every morning i had been killing mosquito since i move in my new house.
Yeah, killing hundreds or even thousands of mosquito everyday.

You can do it too. Just buy these and set up your mosquito trap, then put it on your front yard. Wake up 8.00am every day and go for the killing spree.

1) Electric racket= RM 10.00
2) Black Dustbin= RM 7.00
3) Newspaper= RM 0.10
4) Black paper= RM 1.00
5) The feeling= Priceless...
6) The smell of fried mosquito?= Not good lar..

Die you suckers.. (I hate mosquito)