Friday, June 27, 2008

lizard having xxx

lizard having xxx, originally uploaded by leems_com.

These two naughties caught in action today in my shop.
Taken with Canon 450D +kit lens

SilkyGirl Cosmetics

New addition in my pharmacy

Ask the pharmacist
1)I think i will sell whatever my customers want to buy.
2) This little stocks alone cost me about RM 3k. Very little stocks, right? I guess SilkyGirl stocks in Guardian easily cost more than 10k.
3) I wonder if someone will come out with kung fu panda toy. I am thinking to add another toy next to my money cat. See the cat?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pharmacy Course

Is it very tough to get into pharmacy course in local universities nowadays?
Today one of my regular customer came and told me his daughter didn't get the course that she always wanted. Her daughter is disappointed as she only managed to get her 7th choice in her local universities application.
I said i am sorry for her as i knew she always wanted to do pharmacy. She has been inquiring all about pharmacy course whenever she came to my pharmacy. Her dad added, her first choice up to forth choice were pharmacy course in different universities. But somehow she failed to get into pharmacy.

Ask the pharmacist
1) Can u guess the what course does she get? Just to let u know her results were excellent.

To those who process the universities application, What the fuck were u thinking? Denying people dream?

The course that she got: MD /medicine in USM

Since when the pharmacy course is more competitive than medicine? Anyone can confirm this?
I started to feel proud of my profession.

My family 2008

My family 2008, originally uploaded by leems_com.

My big family. My grandpa (sitting in the middle) have 5 sons and 4 daughters.
How many children do u want to have?

Photo taken with 450D +kit lens (without flash)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kidney Failure; Acute Renal Failure

Kidney is one of the most important organ in the body. Without it, anything that we eat will end up poisoning our body.

Risk factors of kidney failure:
Chronic medical illness such as Diabetes and Hypertension
Systemic diseases such as SLE, etc.

If u ever wonder the cost of dialysis in Malaysia?
Recently i talked to my friendly customer who worked in a dialysis center. Kidney failure patient need to go for dialysis 3 times a week.

Cost (/month)
Private hospital
RM 250x13=RM3250

Charity funded dialysis center
RM 110x13= RM1430

If u apply for gov subsidy,
RM 110-RM 50=>RM 60x13=RM 780

I would say RM 780 /month still a very high figure, considering the gov only give RM 625/year one time for fuel rebate. Dialysis is a life long treatment. If a patient has kidney failure at age 40 years old, another 30 years of dialysis life will cost him RM 280,800.00. And this amount does not include cost from work loss, transport, medications etc.

So, now the question which many of my customers often ask is
Do ARBs (Angiotensin Receptor Blocker) and ACEI (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor) group of hypertension medicine protect the kidneys?
My doctor said this medicine is good for my kidney.
ACEI group: Zestril, Coversyl, Renitec

ARBs group: Atacand, Cozaar, Fortzaar, Aprovel, Micardis, Diovan

Ask the pharmacist

Haha.. I would say yes if u are a diabetic or u have diabetic nepropathy.

But for patient with chronic kidney disease, the answer is BIG NO becoz it actually worsen the situation. That is why when u go for hospital treatment, they will take your blood sample to check for BUN, creatinine and potassium within 1 week after initiation of medicine from these groups. This is to detect early sign of kidney malfunction due to these group of medicine.

In elderly patients (kidney function often deteriorates with aging), we would like to advise to avoid NSAIDs/COX-2 I (pain killer) to be administered with ACEI, ARB and diuretics.

If u have the symptoms such as decrease urine production, dizziness or swelling of legs or ankle, pharmacists will advise u to see your dr, as all these is sign of acute kidney failure.

Prevention is better than cure, but in kidney failure, there is no cure, only prevention. Email me if u have further questions. Consult your pharmacist.

Monday, June 09, 2008

My first models shot using 450D


Concourse Area, LG2
Date: 5-8 June 2008
Equipment: Canon 450D + 18-55mm kit lens

Ask the pharmacist!
1) Being photographer is fun.
2) Being models to be photographed is no fun. Face pain becoz of too much smiling
3) Pls comments.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Comparing Feminine Wash:

List of feminine wash in my pharmacy
1) Cosmoderm Soothing Feminine Hygiene Wash
2) pH Care Intimate Wash
3) Lactacyd Feminine Wash
4) Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash
5) Summer Eve Feminine Wash

Which one is the best?
a) Name
1)Cosmoderm , as it contains the "Soothing" and "Hygiene" word.. the rest dont have..haha.
2)Sebamed second, it contains "clinically tested" and "Sensitive"
3)Lactacyd- Cleansing, refresing, natural protection

b)Animal lover
Cosmoderm is Not tested in animals. The rest i am not sure as it is not stated on the box.

c)Extra ingredient?
Lactacyd- Natural and mild cleasing ingredient from milk
Cosmoderm -Chamomile and aloe vera extract
pH care- Chammomile and dual Hydrating Moisturizers
Sebamed- alpha bisabolol, aloe barbadenis (never heard of before)

d)Clinical test?
pH care- Clinically tested by obstetrician gynecologists (wah)
Sebamed- Gynaecologically tested

e)Place of manufacturer?
Summer Eve-USA
Lactacyd- Thailand
pH care-Philippines
Cosmoderm- Malaysia

Ask the pharmacist?
Conclusion- I have no idea as i don't use it. Hahaha.. But if i am female, i will choose the non animal tested brand.