Friday, July 31, 2009


Surprise!!! Today, i received a letter from Astro telling me my Sports Package will increase more than 20% in subscription fees starting next month. Today is 31st July, and tomorrow is next month. So i only have < 12 hours to decide whether i still want to continue subscribing or not? Two times price increase in one year. And there is nothing we can do about it. This is what we call Monopoly.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to select sunscreen?

Why sunscreen is important?
To protect from skin cancer!!

How about tanning?
There is no such thing as "healthy tan". Even those saloons offering tanning booths actually doing harm to your skin if u go for it. If u think u can be attractive after tanning, u will know in few years time when your skin start to wrinkle. Then it will be scarred from surgery due to skin cancer.
What is spf on my sunscreen bottle?
It just tell u roughly how long u can stay under the sun. If u usually get burned after 1 minute under the sun, applying spf 50 sunscreen can get u roughly about 50 minutes before u get burned. Pls note that after 50 minutes, u need to get away from the sun, reapplying the lotion wont give u another 50 minutes.

What to do?
Avoid the sun at all cost, esp from 11-3pm. Wear long shirt, long trousers. Apply sunscreen bought from pharmalogik.

How to select sunscreen?
With so many Sunscreen brands around, customers always find it hard to select a good sunscreen. If u have trouble, just go to pharmalogik.

Ask yourself

If u have a choice to make a friend and enemy, which one do you choose? I believe there is some people who choose to make enemy. Why? Why dont u tell me why?

I have seen many examples in government sector, esp when you have the power, what would you do?

Eg. Police sergeant having the power to giving discount for speeding ticket, fire station officer have the power to approve the fire safety check, income tax officer having power to fine, government pharmacist have the power to dispense, i think you can think of many examples.

I have personally encountered many occassion with Malay officers and also my own race, Chinese officers. Which one do you think you prefer? To deal with Malay or Chinese?

From my own experience, Malay officers is a bit slow in service, but they can get the things done and more compassionate. Chinese officers is fast but they tend to follow the rules strictly. As Chinese saying, "no give face" attitute. Some Chinese officers are more kiasu and kiasi. Maybe it is in our gene, i myself also kiasu and kiasi a bit.

Let say you are a pharmacist in government hospital, so you are dispensing medicine to an elderly patient for the duration of 1 month. The patient have transportation problem becoz he live alone and ask for 2 month supplies of medicine. Your hospital policy is to dispense only 1 month supplies, and the patient need to come back after one month to get the new supplies. The patient is asking for your help, what would you do? Will you bother to find a solution for the patient?

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 AT-X PRO DX

After some serious consideration of both Canon 10-22mm and Tokina 11-16mm, i decided to choose Tokina after reading the review in Photozone, and consulting both sifu Ted and Sifu Pang.

So I got this baby from Yannick Camera, which offerred me a good price + filter. After some molesting action, i felt the built quality of this lens give a better feeling than my kit lens 18-55mm but is just not comparable to my other L lens, 24-105mm f4. L lens is just totally another level up. But it does cured my 'lens' itchy hand. This lens probably will stop my itchy hand for another 6 months i guess.

Now i can look forward to capturing some pictures which is not possible before this. Eg. couples inside the car, some low light situation, wedding tea ceremony, yam seng, etc. I will bring my new baby out this weekend for some serious testing. Anyone want to become my model?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wii Fit Review

After my BMI exceed the normal range, i have decided to get a Wii Fit and i bought it last friday. I have not been exercise since baby yen yi was born. And this is extremely unhealthy for a pharmacist. How can i advise people to stay fit and healthy if myself is a couch potato.

For this wii fit Actually, I have thought of doing a review myself to poison some of my fat friends, but i think the review will be better to leaved to the expert. I always bias toward the thing i like, furthermore, i am not being paid by nintendo anyway.

Gamespot wii fit review

The main purpose of purchasing wii fit is to lose weight. First it calculates your BMI, then do a balance test to give your wii fit age, and after that, it set up a target weight for your to lose. I target myself to loose 3 pauns over the next 2 weeks. Let see if i can achieve it or not.

Then i can choose to do Yoga, Strength, Aerobic, or Balace trainning. In order to break the record, this machine can be fooled by certain ways. But it would be meaningless it you do so, becoz you will be cheating yourself. It is not the record, but it is your health and body that is important.

My recommendation:
FULLY RECOMMENDED, BUY ONE. You will never regret it. Exercise never been so fun.

This is my record. Super Hula Hoop: 850 times in 3 minutes. Break mine. Haha... The wii fit labelled me as calorie incinerator for this game. I am targeting to build my six pack.
(now i am suffering from after exercise pain, arrgh...even if i sneeze or cough, i will feel the pain)