Friday, May 28, 2010

Moving house tomorrow

 Like before, baby is helping me by moving her things as well. Toys, books, clothes, etc.

Tomorrow will be the official day i move in my house. It is a very auspicious day for me and my wife, according to the chinese calender or u can check it through Geomancy online. Yup, we chinese will consult the calender for marriage, house moving, etc. Some people even see the calender to determine which is the best date to visit a barber. They claimed that if u cut hair on the specific days, your hair will grow thicker.

Besides, there are some rules to follow as well. All the lights need to be lighted up for 3 nights before the date. I also need to bring my sale and purchase agreement before entering the house and then perform some prayers to inform the "other friends" that i am the sole possession of house and then invite them out.

Following that, i will need to open up all the windows, taps, etc to enable the "chi" to flow. Basic cooking materials such as rice, beans, oil, sauce, fruits need to be prepared as well. Finally, the family members need to spend overnight at that place.

Anyway, we are organizing a barbeque tomorrow night.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Careercast 2010 report on Pharmacist's Job

Today i stumbled upon a career website which compiled the top 20 best job.

From the website:'s 2010 Jobs Rated report offers a comprehensive analysis of 200 different jobs – from Accountant to Zoologist – giving each a unique ranking based on factual analysis and hard data, not guesswork. If you're entering (or re-entering) the job market and want to avoid selecting the wrong career, our rankings can help you make a stronger, more informed decision, both for today and the long-term.

1. Actuary $85,229
2.Software Engineer $85,139
3.Computer Systems Analyst $76,162
4.Biologist $71,279
5.Historian $62,226
6.Mathematician $95,161
7.Paralegal Assistant $46,152
8.Statistician $73,193
9. Accountant $59,176
10. Dental Hygienist $67,107
11. Philosopher $60,218
12.Meteorologist $81,226
13.Technical Writer $62,162
14.Bank Officer $88,217
15.Web Developer $60,090
16. Industrial Engineer $74,123
17. Financial Planner $59,353
18.Aerospace Engineer $93,133
19. Pharmacist $106,070
20.  Medical Records Technician $31,150

Guess what, pharmacist's job is inside. Out of the top 20 jobs, it is also the best paid job. So i have no reason to complain. 

$106070 x 3.3 /12= RM 29169.25/month salary. WOW!! Hehe...

But wait, that is not in Malaysia.
Sh*t, i am grossly underpaid.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Moving house

I am very busy from this week to the end of the month. I am preparing my house for moving in.

Luckily, my baby is helping me, although she does not seem to enjoy it very much.

Everything is not going very well to my plan. Yesterday i just broke my 3 years glasses and i need to get two pair of glasses, one as spare becoz only today i realised how inconvenience and how unhandsome clumsy i can be without my glasses. So how do i drive to work then since my only pair of glasses was broken and i dont have any subsitute? i got worried, but after a while i realised i can use my swimming goggles. Not the normal goggles, the goggles with lens power.
If u to be my customer and saw me wearing this goggles, dont worry, nothing is wrong with my brain my eyes. After few hours of "baja hitam" transformation, i realised that there is no monster to fight, so i change back to normal citizen. haha!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5dmkii coming?

Should i continue to pursuit further in wedding photography? Becoming a wedding photographer is fun though tiring, but you get to meet new people, which also equals to new customers to my pharmacy. Still, retail pharmacy to me is a better job now as it is less stressful, although it is still a busy job.

I guess i need to get a real camera (something like 5d mkii), not my current beginner camera (450d) to keep my interest from fading and also to keep off the competition from fellow photographers.

Nowadays, everyone have dslr camera and many of them take very good pictures too and inspire to become a wedding photographers as well. Therefore, i think somehow i need to a better camera to stiff off some competition from them, becoz

good camera + lousy photographer = good photographer with a lousy camera.

Haha...actually i just want 5dmkii, that is just the reason i give myself to justified my incoming purchase. YUM SENG!!