Monday, May 25, 2009

Louis Pang KL Workshop: Model Pictures

After some lecturing by Louis about posing, we were told to pose the model by ourselves and then shot. Using everything taught by Louis, i managed to get these shots.

Below pictures were the one i shot along with Louis Pang. Credits belong to Louis. Of course, some of them i have to edit it with photoshop as i am not Louis. Can u find which one is not edited? More will come later.

Louis Pang KL Workshop: Shoot Like a Pro 23 May 2009

I was attending Louis Pang's Workshop last saturday and leave my pharmacy operation to my wife. Hm... what i can say is the money spend is worth the experience learning from louis and shooting along with him.

I learned to shoot in Master (manual) and picked up few tips here and there about posing, lighting, etc. Later i will upload some pictures i shot during his workshop.

If u wonder how come louis can get fantastic pictures, these are the way he shot.

U will need someone to lookout for incoming traffic if u want to shoot like a pro. (louis, sorry for the cropped leg, this is the best pic i have, becoz of the incoming traffic from behind)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to wear N95 particulate respirator or face mask if H1N1 influenza outbreak?

I could stop myself to noticed some of out ministers were either ill feed on the instructions on how to wear a N95 mask properly or they are indeed to far to hear.

Briefing on how to wear the N95 mask. Do u notice anyone were listening? Is there anyone rushing to wear it?

The result


Our DPM is 50% right and Dr Ramlee somehow also got it 50% right even he is not listening to the briefing.

How we suppose to wear it?

Some of u may not know what is N95 mask.
It is N95 Particulate Respirator. It means it has 95% filter efficiency and effective against particulate aerosis free of oil.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The best bank loan for properties

AMBANK offer BLR -2.0%
PBBANK offer BLR -1.9%
CIMB offer BLR- 1.6%

I didnt update my blog for some time as i am busy checking around for bank loans rate. The above results shows that Ambank currently offering the most competitive rate. Opening a saving account also comes with a cute camel coin box. I guess i am switching over to AMBANK from PBBANK. Pbbank is good, but just not good enough.

Ambank rules!!!

Another thing, CIMB sucks! Dont bother to go CIMB next time.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Perak ADUN fiasco

As a perakian myself, i was ashamed to see this kind of situation happens in my state. I also wonder when will our Sultan do something about it. When it is going to stop? I have great respect for YB Sivakumar, who manage to fight against pressure, but end up being dragged out by the polices. Too bad, he is not a black belt tae kwon do. I guess all ADUN will need to learn some self defence skills to be prepared against anything unexpected.

After seeing these news, i wonder what is the role of our police? To drag our elected state assemblymen out? What a sad sad day.....

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My grandpa birthday 2009

We had another birthday party for my grandpa on the 1st of May 2009 at Tai Chong Restaurant.

It is not what u think.