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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to buy second hand car in Malaysia? A honda accord 2.4 7th generation.

Since i had paid up my 2004 Proton Saga loan three year ago, I have been toying with the idea of changing my car to a bigger car to accommodate my growing family. I want something different. Not local car anymore, as 7 years is enough right? After having a baby, the safety of my family during travel is my utmost important priority. So no more milo tin car for me.

Something like D segment car would be nice, as it provide space, comfort, safety and classy (haha) but the price is ridiculously high in Malaysia due to THIS BLOOD SUCKING TAX: Import Duty 30% + Excise 80% + Sales Tax 10%. Camry and Accord don't have import duty, but excise duty of 80% is still very high.

With some simple calculations, i notice if i pay 50% of the new car price, i wont be paying tax. Eat that blood sucking government!! I am not going to pay you any extra tax. LOL! But where the hell i can get a car half of the price? Definitely not with a new car like Forte and Inspira. Second hand car of course. sob sob....

Accord depreciation

2009- 80%
2008- 75%
2007- 70%
2006- 65%
2005- 60%
2004- 50%

My Proton Saga
2004- 30%

So, after having the first hand experience on buying a second hand car, i write it down here as a reminder for me and those who are planning to buy one.

In the process of buying, I didn't check the car thoroughly because i thought PUSPAKOM will do it for me. How naive is my thinking. I always think these things should be leaved to the professionals. How am I as a laymen in car mechanic can compare to the PUSPAKOM which has 18 points check, right?

As expected, the result of my car inspection come out perfect.

1. Glass area
2. Condition of the body
3. Wheelhouse
4. Pillars
5. Cut and joint
6. Floor
7. Type of fuel
8. Chassis frame
9. Tyres
10. Engine mounting
11. Air-condition system
12. Odometer reading
13. CNG system for NGV
14. Side-slip test (to check the alignment of two front tyres)
15. Emission
16. Suspension
17. Brake system
18. Under carriage inspection that consists cut and joint, floor, chassis frame, engine mounting, exhaust system including muffler and gearbox (visual inspection for leakages etc).

After this, now i think it is always better to do it on your own if possible. You can bring your google girlfriend and ask her whenever you have any queries. I found out all sorts of problems after getting the car.
Here is a checklist by importance according to me. 

1) Check for the transmission gear (most important part)

Take it for a ride in the driver seat in the early morning and see if the car can start in cold condition well. Then see if any parts of the car vibrating and shaking. Turn off the radio and any cd player during the test drive and listen to the car. Try to engage all gears from 0km/h to 120km/h including the reverse gear. LISTEN!!

My car got this funny wheezing sound at high speed and i have to flush my transmission and exchange its fluid 2 times. Now the sound is still there albeit lower in pitches. My mistake to believe PUSPAKOM!!

Transmission failure (estimated): RM 5000-RM25000
Automatic Transmission Fluid (3L): RM 75.96
Automatic Transmission Fluid (9L): RM 227.88
ATF Flushing : RM 60.00


2) Check for any oil leakage. 
It is usually done in the early morning to see there is any oil/ solution underneath the car. You can go visit the car dealer in the morning right after they open shop to make sure nobody clean up the patch. Open the front hood of the car and use a torchlight to look everywhere. Any oil sip from any part of the engine compartment will cost you a repair.

My car leak like hell, oil is everywhere. But how come i fail to notice it at first? I think i was too attracted to the outer appearance of the car and didnt really go and see the whats inside. You see, PUSPAKOM check and say "Dalam keadaan baik"

So i replaced all the gasket which can be replaced. Even the compressor belt as well because of oil contamination due to the leakage.

Cylinder head cover: RM 39.64
Filter Assy Spool: RM 30.58
Filter Assy VTC: RM 18.46
Filter Comp ATF: RM 113.38
Compressor Belt: RM 124.41
Engine switch: RM 28
Labour : RM 160
Total : RM 514.47

3) Check for the electrical switches and sound system, air cond conditions, air cond filter.
Try the radio, cd player or dvd player. If your steering got any control buttons, try them too. Try on cruise control, power windows, auto door lock.

Spoiled cd player. RM 2995 (remain unchanged due to the cost)
Air cond filter missing: RM 60
Air cond outlet vent broken: RM 10 (use glue to stick back) -RM 600 (change the whole thing) unrepaired

4) Check for service record.
It is best to get a local car as it will have all the service records to refer. If there is no record, you can always check with the service center for mileage and also its servicing history. Only then you will know if your car mileage meter had been altered to a lower reading.

5) Check for the windscreen damage.

All original windscreen and windows will have a stamp on it. If you dont see it, that means it have been replaced by the previous owner. Carefully look for any  defects.

6) Check all the tyres and spare tyre.

Make sure it is the same size as recommended by the manufacturer. +-3% is still ok as you can refer to this useful website. Open up the car bonnet and take a careful look to see if any water sediment in the storage. The tyres conditon report from PUSPAKOM is perfect. But i notice the size of the tyres is not according to the Honda specifications, and each one is DIFFERENT BRANDS DIFFERENT GROOVES as well. Even a laymen will know these kind of tyres will bring trouble.

I have no choice but to refer to the tyre shop and after checking, the boss told me i have to replace all tyres because the old tyres already develop waves and bumps. Inside the tyre shop, i open up the car bonnet to check for the spare tyre and i found out whenever it rains, my car will start to filling up rain water in the boot. So i have to change the belt tensioner as well because it has holes in it.

Belt tensioner: RM 285
Service charge: RM 45
Tires: RM 700
Tires: RM 640

The cost of first service after receiving the car

Spark Plug: RM 34.03
Brake Fluid: RM 33.69
Engine Cleaner Fluid: RM 35.98
Power Steering Fluid: RM 138
Valve Clean: RM 108
Valve Clean System Service: RM 50
Air Cond Element: RM 120.23
Fuel Strainer: RM 152.86
Retainer: RM14.92
Clip replacement:RM 4.66
Coolant Anti Freeze: RM 121.88
Door clip: RM 12.60

Labour: RM 130
Total: RM 956.85
Insurance: RM 2368.20
Road Tax: RM 780.00

After spending quite a sum around 8k, i am all well satisfied. Although it can be better (human can't be satisfied right), but so far it does not disappoints me. If i would have seen these problems myself, i would have negotiate a better price for the car.

My car is so much fun and enjoyable to drive and the comfort is 1st class. Speed at 160km/h is nothing and I don't even feel tired driving for hours all the way to my cousin house in Terengganu. So far so good as it didn't have a break down in the middle of the road at middle of the night! Lol!

Actually i can't do much comparison because i only drive Proton Saga before this. No way i can compare a Japanese car with our local car. And one is 2400cc and another is 1300cc. But if you want me to compare to Proton Saga, then i would say I wont touch Proton anymore.


Remember to
Check for engine mounting.
RM 927.50 (original)

Check for brake pad using torch light.
RM 200 x2. (if replaced outside Honda Center)

Check for suspension as well. Test drive it.
RM 1937.72 (original oem)

It is not cheap to own a second hand car.