Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Online Lung Tester (for smokers only)

It is important to keep our lungs healthy, especially for smokers. Now with the advancement of internet and technology, u can use the online lung tester to test your lung capacity and compare it with your friends, (provided u have an microphone).

Now u should know how bad is the cigarettes smoking to your lungs.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Got Domi, Rochi, Nospan, Cofdex, Codeine?

Got Domi, Rochi, Nospan, or Cofdex, Codeine? This is the question which i will encounter once a while in my pharmacy.

For those who didnt have a clue what is it...Domi stands for Dormicum (sleeping pills, cause hallucinations), Rochi is the company Roche who made the tablet Dormicum, Cofdex and Nospan contains dextromethophan (used for dry cough,but can cause hallucinations if taken in high doses)

Typical conversation
Customer: Give me 5 tablets of Noosepaaan
Pharmacist: Sorry, we dont keep Noosepaan.
Customer: But i bought it here before.
Pharmacist: Can u spell it out for me?
Customer: N-O-S-P-A-N
Pharmacist: Ooh...Nospan. We dont keep. May I know what are u taking it for?
Customer: My dry cough.
Pharmacist: May i recommend you some cough syrup?
Customer: I want tablet, easier to take.
Pharmacist: I see..We dont keep Nospan, but we have Copastin which is effective for dry cough.
Customer: No..I want Nospan.
Pharmacist: U mean u dont want something is more effective?

Customer: Haha...u know what i mean,...right? I always buy from pharmacy in town.
Pharmacist: Oohh...U want something that can make your head ...errr....spin?
Customer: Exactly.
Pharmacist: Ok...hold on. (Eyes look right..Look left) I go and take for u. Sure your head will spin after taking this. Guaranteed!!


NESTLE® TRIX® 175g“Your head will spin over the fruity taste”
A new creamy fruit flavour that kids love, in a healthy cereal that mums prefer.

Customer: What the f***? @@#$#$%$^%!!%$* (leaving pharmalogik)
Pharmacist: Hehe....

Ask the pharmacist!
1)How does Nestle Trix taste like? Maybe i would like to try some for breakfast. Dont tell anyone, this pharmacist is abusing drugs. Hahaha....
2)For those who are misusing the drugs, pls seek help from medical doctors.
3)For drug abuser, pls dont come to PharmaLogik as we do not keep any of these drugs here.
4)If anyone knows the pharmacy who sell drugs to addicts, pls contact your nearest police station. We highly condemn pharmacists who misuse their professionals right.