Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pharmalogik appear first in google search

Search for "nospan" in google and my blog appear first. I guess this is one of the reason why my blog traffic has increased.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pure Genius

Is this genius work or not? Don't u agree? Link

Friday, August 22, 2008

Petrol price up and down

PM announces reduced fuel prices

Petrol and diesel price will drop by between eight sen and 22 sen a litre from Saturday.

The price of RON97 petrol will be reduced by 15 sen to RM2.55 a litre from RM2.70, while RON92 would be 22 sen less at RM2.40, from RM2.62.


Ask the BB

1) Do u know how the my father's pharmacy affected by recent petrol hike? These r some examples (all this happen in after the sharp increase in petrol price)

Japlo products increased 10%

Appeton range vitamins price increased 25%

Courier service now charged extra 25% for fuel surcharge

Apollo biscuit and Cadburry chocolate increase 50%

Biscuit increased 20%

Milk powder price increased 20%

Ensure milk powder price maintained, but the quantity shrank from 1kg to 900g.

CED organic range products increased about 30%

Pharmaceutical company increased their minimum order to at least RM300 before delivery

Branded medicine increased about 10-15%

Generic medicine increased about 10-20% and the list is so on.......

Workers salary seems to be insufficient, low morale, so pharmalogik have to increase their salary.

2) Now, with the reduced petrol price, would the damaging effect on the ecomony and inflation reversed? Sometimes, i can't stop to wonder if our leaders think or consider all factors b4 making a decision on a policy as their policy is going to affect a lot of people. Damn...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I have a name now

Hello everyone, my name is Lee Yen Yi or u also can call me BB. Some people do call me the almighty BB. Since i am so free, i will be taking over pharmalogik blog for some time as my papa have to work hard to feed us. Usually i sleep then eat then shit. So now, i sleep, eat, shit and then blog.
If u have any questions, pls drop your question into the chatbox, and i will answer after i wake up. Nice to talk to u all. Got to get some sleep.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tai Kor Baby (11 days old)

See wat see? Want to fight? Must pay one to see leng lui...

Bring me my milk and I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!

Sleeping time

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More baby pictures

Close one eye..haha

Close two eyes

Dont disturb me sleeping?

Hear me cry

Do i know u?


Act cute...

Ask the pharmacist
1) Hugging pictures are taken without flash and at ISO 1600. I try not to use my 580EXII or any flash as i afraid it may harm my baby delicate eyes.
2) This time taking babies pictures is a new challenge to me as i dont know how to photoshop my baby. Her skin already smooth and if i change her features, then she is not my baby anymore..haha...So these pictures are unphotoshopped.
3) I may be busy for this month or so as i have a new family member.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

What a tired day. My wife giving birth.

My wife was complaining of contraction and small pain starting from 4am in the morning. As we suspected it was sign of labor, we started to packed the things. We had a heavy breakfast b4 going to hospital becoz in the first pregnancy, it usually last between 12-18 hours.

We arrived at the hospital about 8.30am and this is the waiting room for family members. I stay outside to watch TV3 Ultraman while waiting. There is also a chart showing the wifes progress so we get updated with whats happening inside.

While waiting for her, there are many charts to read inside the room.

I applied for "Rakan Suami" program which allowed the husband to go into the labour room to accompanied her. I would said this program is fabulous, allowing the future father to participate and see his newborn out. I saw the whole progress..haha..it is fun for anticipating father. The staff nurses here were very friendly, helpful and most importantly understanding.

During labour, the nurses were also very patient and encouraging. They never give up even i think i almost give up. I got to salute them on these.

My "leng lui" baby (more to come)

Ask the pharmacist
1) My wife does not allowed to take any food and drinks after going in the labour room. My wife spend a total of 14 hours inside.
2) Remember to bring and apply vaseline on the lips to prevent drying.
3) Since the first labour may take sometime, u can let it pain at home, then when the pain is unbearable then only go to the hospital. But make sure u know what u do.
4) I cant take any pictures as it was not allowed to bring any camera and handphone inside. But u can try if u got compact camera..haha..my dlsr is too big to hide.
5) Those labor urgency can only be seen on movie, the progress is damn slow. No rush. I am indeed a bit inpatient. Can u bear the pain for 14 hours straight? Women can..although during the last 4 hours, she was given an IM injection which i believe is Pethidine inj for the pain. Nitrous oxide with oxygen gas combination also giving some relief before the final pushing period.
6) Last comment, their canteen foods sucks. Bring your own food. Dont go to the canteen.