Monday, August 11, 2014

Selfie with my daughter and son

I have been really busy this year with the arrival of my third baby son. Still i think i should really reconsider updating this blog as it has been with me since 2005, i wont want it to die naturally.

Here is my brief information on my children.
My daughter is an emotional person, i meant sikit sikit cry, sikit sikit laugh crazily, but i cannot say the same with my boy. He is a bit emotionless, which means i really have no idea what is he thinking. He would not express himself unless he wanted to.

So, yesterday i had made it a point to try to get him to smile and take selfie with me but this these photos are the best i can get.

Son: i am not going to smile

 Son: i am still not smiling

 Me: my hand is scratching his side to make him smile
you can see his mouth moving but still expressionless. 

 Son: hehe, i am not afraid and still not smiling

I scratch it harder, until he push my hand away, and my daughter complaining of jaw tiredness 

 Son: I won. 
Father: Not yet. 

Finally i tried to stretch open his mouth but he covered it up. 
At last i gave up.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The day i become a cannibal: 2014

It had been some time since i updated my blog, it is almost two years ago. Time really flies, especially when i was attending to our family and business matters. With the recent addition of my new family member this year, i have decided to take up blogging again, just to do so i can documents my cherish moments with them. 

My first post of the year would be the Placenta. Every lady knows about it. It is mainly used to beautify the skin and fight aging. Who does not want to be young forever, right? Especially when we are in our mid 30s and going to 40s soon. But the cost of placenta capsules in the market is not cheap. Deer placenta like the below can set us back with rm 8888.00

So poor people like us will need to find our own source of placenta. And my wife have the supply. Haha..

You really need to imagine yourself as a Doctor or a Cannibal to do this. It is not for the faint hearted as it you can see, the placenta is full with blood and it does looks like an organ itself.

With my cooking utensils ready before i start. Telling myself, i can do it.

First , it need to be cleaned by washing. then the skin need to be removed, and then  bla bla bla.. 
i guess i will keep this as my own experience as the describing the procedure is eerie...

 The placenta you seen here is already been cleaned extensively. But it is still bloody.

Steaming it together with ginger to cook it.

After cooked, it look like this. 

It is then cut into pieces and dried. But the blood smell is still there. My wife couldn't take it orally so i have to turn it into capsule for oral consumption.

Our third baby together with his placenta. I guess human placenta definitely cost more than deer placenta. RM 10k capsules?? all for my lovely wife.