Monday, August 11, 2014

Selfie with my daughter and son

I have been really busy this year with the arrival of my third baby son. Still i think i should really reconsider updating this blog as it has been with me since 2005, i wont want it to die naturally.

Here is my brief information on my children.
My daughter is an emotional person, i meant sikit sikit cry, sikit sikit laugh crazily, but i cannot say the same with my boy. He is a bit emotionless, which means i really have no idea what is he thinking. He would not express himself unless he wanted to.

So, yesterday i had made it a point to try to get him to smile and take selfie with me but this these photos are the best i can get.

Son: i am not going to smile

 Son: i am still not smiling

 Me: my hand is scratching his side to make him smile
you can see his mouth moving but still expressionless. 

 Son: hehe, i am not afraid and still not smiling

I scratch it harder, until he push my hand away, and my daughter complaining of jaw tiredness 

 Son: I won. 
Father: Not yet. 

Finally i tried to stretch open his mouth but he covered it up. 
At last i gave up.