Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Johor pharmacies flouting laws..

ohor pharmacies flouting laws

JOHOR BARU: Nearly a quarter of pharmacies in Johor were found to have violated pharmaceutical regulations.

The offences include selling of controlled drugs without doctor’s prescriptions, operating illegally and having unlicensed pharmacists.

Johor Local Government and Health Committee chairman Datuk Halimah Sadique (BN-Pasir Raja) said written warnings had been issued to the respective outlets.

“Action will be taken if they continue to violate the regulations,” she said in reply to a question posed by Dr Abdul Rashid Abd Mokti (BN-Sedili) at the Johor State Assembly here Monday.

In the operations conducted, Halimah said 32 out of the 150 pharmacies checked were found to have violated pharmaceutical regulations.

Dr Abdul Rashid also proposed for the installation of CCTVs at these outlets but Halimah rejected it as it would be difficult to tell the drugs sold.

Ask the pharmacist!

1)Selling of controlled drugs without doctor’s prescriptions

This is definitely wrong to sell certain controlled drugs under Group B (hypertension, cholesterol, etc) without Dr's prescription.

Am i hearing that Dr will write out prescription for the patient to buy it from a pharmacy instead of them dispensing it in their clinic? Pls take note that a pharmacist can sell Group C without prescription (cough, cold, flu, creams, eye drops, over the counter medicine, allergy, pain medicine, etc)

2)Operating illegally and having unlicensed pharmacist

What does that means? The laws already specify that Only a pharmacist can open a pharmacy and how does the pharmacy open and continue operation if they don't have a licensed pharmacist at the first place?

Do u think a written warning is enough? Don't u think that having an unlicensed pharmacist to operate that outlet is serious enough to close down the pharmacy? It just like a clinic operated by a bogus Dr.

What do they do? Issue a letter of warning? Want to wait for bad things before taking action?

Maybe they should publish the pharmacies name to the public so that the public can identify them. Lets see.

3) Dont worry as 25% is not majority (according to our minister). Majority of us are still good. Most of my friends work up to 12 hours a day 7 days a week to serve the people. I work 12 hours 6 days a week but closed for rest on Sunday. I am no robot lar.... and with this kind of working hours i can only drive proton iswara with a hard backside. Haha..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

How can a tissue improve?

I attended one of my friend's wedding in ipoh last month, Sitting: Poh Kheng, my wife, me, Seok Liang, Kok Onn, Alister, Doris
Standing: The bride and the Groom lor

and the things which attracted me the most is this.
Ya, a WET TISSUE! Remember how we usually get a packet of wet tissue after the dinner in restaurant? The one which produce a POP sound when we open it by force? Haha....
Look at the contents!!
By looking at the wet tissue contents which is very impressive. I WOW for 5 times.

Can it be improve somemore?
1)Reverse Osmosis Water: Sterile 100% RO distilled water?
2)Vitamin C----> Vitamin A-Z?
3)Fragrance---> Fragrance suitable for sensitive skin
4)Lotion---> Er....whitening lotion?
5)Preservative---> Preservative free?
6)Spunlace Nonwoven---> I no tissue design expert
7)Infused with natural botanical extracts: Next improvement is 100% natural?

I wonder how much does it cost to make this tissue? Tissue also got class now.
First Class: Used by the richest of the richest (mentioned above)

Second Class - Used by professionals/ Rich people

Third Class: Used by studentsForth class: Used by "kiam siap" people like me...haha

Monday, November 12, 2007

Public Question: Glucosamine

By SL,
1) I have doubt abt the efficacy of them and also, isn't glucosamine will be better if it is combined with chondriotin? what is the main difference of taking powder over capsule aside more convenient?
2) You mentioned that glucosamine is not working well in topical form, but some studies actually showed that topical form works better as it is avoided from first pass metabolism, so more will be deposited into the join.
hope that you can help me to clear my doubts out of my mind!
good day!

Ask the pharmacist
1) U may try adding on chondroitin sulphate if glucosamine alone is not effective at full dose. No research shows chondroitin combination will have more benefits compare with glucosamine alone.
2) I never come across topical glucosamine before.
There is also no research showing that glucosamine can be absorbed topically. If u have topical glucosamine cream, mind to share with me the ingredients? Those cream may have menthol, methysalicylate, or camphor which can give symptomatic relief becoz of its counterirritant effect.

SL, u r correct in saying studies actually showed that topical form works better as it is avoided from first pass metabolism, just that it does not apply to glucosamine.

Saturday, November 10, 2007