Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Money making tips

Ask the pharmacist
1) According to some sources, if u r a pharmacist, selling nospan will pocket u RM 5k /month without doing any hard work. Just sign and stamp the invoice. Want to sell? Now u know why certain pharmacy can sell certain products at loss or give super discount. Pharmalogik certainly condemn those who misuse their professional right.

2) According to one customers, during election time, each ballot paper can earn u between Rm30-RM 50.
Want to make money? Just go to the place u r suppose to vote, then take the ballot paper, go inside the voting booth, then pretend u r voting and pretend u r putting something inside the NON-transparent box, then walk out. Pass the ballot paper to a person standing beside the tree and get the money. So, what happen to your ballot paper? Someone will vote for u on their next turn. How to solve this problem? I would said transparent voting box will do.

3) Invest in share market. This is what i am doing now. Learning and try to beat the market. Is this method workable? I will let u know after 20 years, i guess....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

General Election Coming!!!

Extract from "The Star"

No apology for 'orangutan'

KOTA BARU: An unrepentant Datuk Seri Nik Aziz Nik Mat said he would not apologise for calling Umno members orangutans, as he had meant it.

“Sometimes one has to be a bit rough for the message to hit home,” the PAS spiritual adviser said of his statement made on Sunday.

“When someone does something wrong, we should be in the position to correct him. Sometimes I advise, sometimes I use the rotan (cane). In this case, it is the rotan.

"Even the West uses the word 'animal' quite liberally. I am not even using the word ‘animal’. I am only using the word ‘orangutan’, which is not as bad," he told reporters at his office here Tuesday.

On the PAS candidates selected to contest here, Nik Aziz said in an interview that as far as he knew, they were all non-smokers.

In the past, Nik Aziz had said party members who smoked did not fully understand Islam, as smoking was considered haram (forbidden) or makruh (allowed but not encouraged).

He had even likened smokers to animals who did not think before hurting themselves.


Ask the pharmacist

1) Teluk Intan MP constituency is either Gerakan or DAP. I definitely will vote for PAS if the field a member here... Lets ban all the smoking activity. I agreed with Nik Aziz, why want to spend money to hurt yourself.

2) For your informations, my pharmacy does not welcome anyone coming in with a cigarette on their mouth or hand. Usually i will asked them to finished off their cigarette before entering pharmalogik. Then i will give a lengthy counselling on smoking cessations. Some potential customers even left without buying anything. But at least i am doing my part. Haha...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Marriage proposal tips

Kelana Jaya stretch of the LDP Highway today (By Nadi0 )

It even comes out in The Star. The phrase " Kelly Tan E Li, will you marry me? " is simple and nice.
Now we know the man, i wonder who is Kelly? Will there be a repetition of the same marriage proposal? I think it better to be the first one.... as it wont have the same effect after that...
Now i know how much it cost to advertise on LDP billboard...
RM 40,000.00...Haha...

Remember this? It appear in Google Earth. And it is FOC..

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Staff Wedding

On 2/2/2008, one of my staff got married. I managed to captured some pictures during the dinner at about 7.30pm.
The bride.
The bride and my wife

The childrens

The bride and the groom

The king's family

Ask the pharmacist
1) After being "poisoned" by WSPANG photography and TED studio, i have been brain washed into doing photography. Currently i am using Canon S3 IS, but plan to change to Canon 450D later this year.
2) Anyone in Teluk Intan or Perak area want my service? A small Ang Pow will help to fund my DSLR. Thank you.
3) Pls comment.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Homeopathy can cure everything?

"Medicine God" practicing homeopathy appearing in Teluk Intan.
For those who cannot understand Malays, it claimed it have specialized treatment for asthma, allergic rhinitis, all types of skin disease, diabetes, poisoning, joint pain, migraine, stomach and intestinal ulcer, piles, women diseases, lung disesae, heart disease, cholesterol, nerve disease, and lastly CANCER. Dont play play...
Ask the Pharmacist
1) I think i will be out of business soon....Hahaha.....PharmaLogik is history?
2) This is the kind of service u can get in small town. "yi san bi yi san gao"
3) If he can cure the diseased as claim, i would say "chu na ho yi shiung shu".

Friday, February 01, 2008

Treatment for Sore throat

What do we do when we have sore throat?
1) Go to supermarket/ grocery shop to buy Strepsils.2) Go to pharmacy and ask for advise.
3) Go to see Dr.
4) Drink more water?

Ask the pharmacist
1) First we have to differentiate whether the cause of sore throat caused by virus or bacteria.
Viral/Virus pharyngitis- Mild redness, slight inflamation, prominent lymphoid patches.

Streptococcal (bacteria) pharyngitis- Erythema, inflammation, and white patches of the tonsils.

2) If it is caused by virus, there is nothing much u can do, taking antibiotics wont help. It will heal by itself after about 7 days. Taking pain killer and certain medicine will help to reduce the pain and inflammations. So look in the mirror for yourself and don't always ask for antibiotics whenever u see a Dr! Taking too much antibiotics is no good.

3)If it is caused by bacteria, u can either take antibiotics or lozenges or use a mouthwash.
Sore throat lozenges

Mouth Wash (See it only said it protects against oral bacterial and fungal infections, NOT VIRUS)
Maybe taking vitamin C will helps.

4) Lastly always consult your Dr and pharmacist.