Friday, February 01, 2019

My trip to Osaka, Day 1

Yup, it had been four year since i last posted in my blog.

I grew to become quite a procrastinator of my blog page because of my work. I was working from 9am-9pm in 2 pharmacies until in 2017, i decided i should closed it down one for good. It is not easy because i will loss a source of income. Looking back in 2019, it was a blessing because i was able to shift most of my customer to my other pharmacy, (Farmasi Lee MS) and now i have more control on my life and also families life. I get to send, watch my kids in school and our relationship never been closer.

Now let me catches up with the post that i want to write, my first Japan trip. I hope i can still remember the details.

This trip happened in 26th of November 2014,  as i departed from Teluk Intan by bus. I was travelling alone, so i preferred to use bus instead of driving alone.

Me in the bus. Quite comfy though. 

 I departed from Bandar Baru using the star bus next to DAP service center and arrived around 3 hours later. 

You can see clearly from this picture our ringgit exchange rate is just around 3.49 at that time.

Arriving at quite late i took some time off in the Plaza Premium Lounge for a rest and to charge my hand phone. I was quite desperate to charge it because i know my flight to Japan is going to take more than 8 hours and i had used up most of my phone battery in bus.

The environment here was nice and calm for me to relax. Too bad it was a bit late when i entered into the lounge as they don't serve anymore food after 11pm.

 Sitting inside the air plane. 

 The Air Asia X's chair was small. Although it was soft but it starts to be uncomfortable after few hours because of the full house. I cannot imagine how i was able to endure 7 hours flight sitting in the middle of the row, maybe the excitement helps.  

 The food looks good, but i lost my appetite after i opened the package. Luckily they provide some chillies sause to save my taste.

I arrived in the Kansai International Airport
 Our Japanese tour guide under Mayflower company.

 We was served with Onigiri, a delicious triangular shape rice balls for breakfast. 

A beautiful tree during Autumn. 

Some of the buildings in Japan

This is my first visit, Osaka Castle!!

There is also a Dome Capsule there!

Picture with Kinsmedic General Manager

Can you spot any rubbish? There is no rubbish because there is no dustbin around. We are required to carry a plastic bag and put whatever things we want to dispose and carry it back into the bus!

Super clean

In Malaysia, the bus driver will go for a rokok break  or playing hand phone while waiting for us, but in Japan, the driver will be busy cleaning, wiping until the bus is shining! Have you ever seen tourist bus like this clean in Malaysia?


After that we proceed to have a lunch at

It was much better than any Japanese food in Malaysia. 

This is also where i met and know some new friends from Alpro Pharmacy. 

This picture i must take, super advance toilet. Only available in Japan. 

Next visit to Tenmangu Shrine

Next destination, 
Shinsaibashi and Dotonburi Shopping District, 

A pharmacy in Japan

This restaurant serving puffer fish, but we dont dare to eat. Takut mati

The landmark Glico Man 

This is a must to take picture with the Glico Man

 Stop for steamboat 
We all ate until like that cat. To be continued.....

Monday, August 11, 2014

Selfie with my daughter and son

I have been really busy this year with the arrival of my third baby son. Still i think i should really reconsider updating this blog as it has been with me since 2005, i wont want it to die naturally.

Here is my brief information on my children.
My daughter is an emotional person, i meant sikit sikit cry, sikit sikit laugh crazily, but i cannot say the same with my boy. He is a bit emotionless, which means i really have no idea what is he thinking. He would not express himself unless he wanted to.

So, yesterday i had made it a point to try to get him to smile and take selfie with me but this these photos are the best i can get.

Son: i am not going to smile

 Son: i am still not smiling

 Me: my hand is scratching his side to make him smile
you can see his mouth moving but still expressionless. 

 Son: hehe, i am not afraid and still not smiling

I scratch it harder, until he push my hand away, and my daughter complaining of jaw tiredness 

 Son: I won. 
Father: Not yet. 

Finally i tried to stretch open his mouth but he covered it up. 
At last i gave up.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The day i become a cannibal: 2014

It had been some time since i updated my blog, it is almost two years ago. Time really flies, especially when i was attending to our family and business matters. With the recent addition of my new family member this year, i have decided to take up blogging again, just to do so i can documents my cherish moments with them. 

My first post of the year would be the Placenta. Every lady knows about it. It is mainly used to beautify the skin and fight aging. Who does not want to be young forever, right? Especially when we are in our mid 30s and going to 40s soon. But the cost of placenta capsules in the market is not cheap. Deer placenta like the below can set us back with rm 8888.00

So poor people like us will need to find our own source of placenta. And my wife have the supply. Haha..

You really need to imagine yourself as a Doctor or a Cannibal to do this. It is not for the faint hearted as it you can see, the placenta is full with blood and it does looks like an organ itself.

With my cooking utensils ready before i start. Telling myself, i can do it.

First , it need to be cleaned by washing. then the skin need to be removed, and then  bla bla bla.. 
i guess i will keep this as my own experience as the describing the procedure is eerie...

 The placenta you seen here is already been cleaned extensively. But it is still bloody.

Steaming it together with ginger to cook it.

After cooked, it look like this. 

It is then cut into pieces and dried. But the blood smell is still there. My wife couldn't take it orally so i have to turn it into capsule for oral consumption.

Our third baby together with his placenta. I guess human placenta definitely cost more than deer placenta. RM 10k capsules?? all for my lovely wife.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

HFMD: Hand Foot Mouth Disease

18th April: Somehow my daughter have this type of small red lesions since she come back from her kindergarden. After some careful examination of her hand, legs, and mouth, i had an uneasy feeling that she might get what we call HFMD, Hand Foot Mouth Disease. Coupled with slight fever on the same night and she started complying of pain during meals, HFMD is confirmed.

19 April: Then the nightmares start for both of me and my wife. Big ulcers start developing on her lips, sidewalls, and tongue and she were not able to eat or drink. Constantly crying day and night asking for pity and love causing me to feel so sorry for her.

Due to her intolerance of pain, she refused to take anything even a sip of water. I had to buy a lot of vitagens, ice creams, and other cold drinks. Still we are having a hard time to persuade her to drink any. There were time when i had to force the drink down her throat because she is dehydrated.

20th April: On the third day, she was able to drink vitagens on her own sucking from the side of her mouth, not to touch the ulcers located in the middle, but still the pain is unbearable. Everyone in the family too felt the pain and asking me to do something, or bring her to see a doctor. Being a pharmacist myself i had all the best medicine for her but still cannot do much on the ulcer as it had to run its own course in between 5-7 days. I even come to tears seeing her crying at night saying "very pain very pain". 

The boy consoling her sister.
If you think it is already the worse day of your life, it can be real "fcuking" bad. Due to their closeness, the boy got infected as well. Then the hell break loose.

21 April: Two of them crying at the same time all the time.  After persuaded by our parents, i finally agreed to bring them for a checkup in Klinik Kesihatan Teluk Intan. But my main purpose bringing them there is not for a checkup but for more for the case reporting, so the pegawai kesihatan will go to her kindergarden to disinfect and check on other children.We sincerely hope that no child will ever has to go through what my children experiencing at the moment.

As i expected, we were asked to stay at home for quarantine until they recover. We were dispensed paracetamol syrup for fever and glycerin paste for their ulcers. We still take the dispensed medicine although we had better nurofen syrup, bonjela and lignocaine gel at home. Hey, we pay RM 1 for the checkup what!

We have some sleepless night straight until today because we need to console them and carrying them around hoping to take their mind away from the pain.

24th April: Today is the sixth day of her HFMD, and she is on her recovering way. The younger boy is also recovering well and we are so glad he is able to start eating soft food.

My only mistake here is i didn't quarantine her until it is too late. But come to think of it, how do i able to separate them? Both of them constantly need my wife. They would not sleep unless my wife is beside them.

The only consolation here is now they will have the immunity to this specific HFMD strain of virus. At least less one worry in the future, although there are few more type of HFMD virus strain.

Ask the pharmacist aka Zombie due to sleepless night
1) Always consult your healthcare professional if you are unsure. Do not self medicate on your own.
2) Watch and monitor them for any signs of dehydration owing to decreased food and water intake secondary to their mouth pain. Go to pharmacy and talk to your pharmacist for better medications.
3) Google for more information on HFMD if u need. Any type of emotional support and educational support will be needed.
4) Seek hospital attention if they vomit, not passing urine for the past 6 hours, disorientated, and constantly sleepy.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Funny Tuesday

Some funny pictures to cheer up your day.