Monday, June 29, 2009

Holiday in Pangkor Laut Resort

Yes, we went to Pangkor Laut Resort again last saturday. This time, my whole family went.

(More pictures to come)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Share investing

It have been some time since i last trade KLCI Futures. I have some other commitment that requires more of my time and also money. So, basically, i am pokai now. The bear that i have waited so long finally arrived. See the line cross each other?

Buying futures is like betting big and small. If u have been playing futures and have been losing all a long, why don't u change your position to the opposite. If u think u want to buy, then sell. If u think u want to sell, then buy. Haha....

Now, dont catch the falling knife. It can really hurt. I experienced it b4. If u want to try, go ahead and buy. Some people said u never learn if u never get hurt. Haha...

Monday, June 08, 2009

Ted's Wedding in Thai Thong Restaurant

Where is everybody?

I really dont know your IMU class is so big.

Baby first time to KL

Last Saturday, we went to Ted's wedding and stayed overnight in Eastin Hotel. This trip was an enjoyable trip as it is the first time we went for a holiday with baby. The room we booked was the cheapest Deluxe King RM 170++, but becoz of the non availability of that room, we get to stay in Executive Deluxe Room which cost RM 310++ with no surcharge! The hotel sure know how to value first time customers. Haha...

Baby sleeping in hotel bed after a tiring travel.

Why the aircond so hot?

Time for a bath b4 going to the dinner.

So many people. Where r we suppose to sit?

At last, she get to sit in the baby chair.

The next morning, we went to the pool for a swim.

Then we went to IKEA to buy the Antilop Baby Chair, but it has finished b4 we can grab it. I called on Saturday, IKEA told me they still have stocks. Actually i have been waiting for it for more than 4 months. I guess if like that, my baby wont have any baby chair.

We met up with sl's cousin sister in The Curve. Baby discussing the latest handphone model with her.

Can this bull move?

Baby has fun posing with mickey mouse.
(Coming soon, ted's dinner pic)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Weird Weird World

The other day only i was talking to my friend ted regarding the news. I noticed that when something happened and it appears on the news, it seems like it something similar will repeat itself.

eg. bus accident, or just few weeks ago news like "snatch thief killing pregnant mum", "car reverse and hitting toddler", "child abused" incidents. All these happened within a week.

Then he asked me how about the "Jaya Supermarket collapsed", i cant answer him on how the news will be repeating itself.

But today i saw this
See the repetition? Thank God it didn't collapsed during a game. Why this happen? Most probably is corruption.