Saturday, April 17, 2010

Now what?

After i worked for 3 months, the first thing came to my mind is to own a credit card. There are so many reasons i want to get one. Ease of buying things, collecting points on my purchases, cash rebates, free gifts, monthly installments, etc. Why not pay the purchases with card instead of cash, i don't have to carry cash along for my safety. I really don't have a reason not to have one.

So the first card i applied was through OCBC bank becoz i have my current biz account with them. And got rejected. Then i tried HSBC bank. And rejected again. Since i dont think i can pass foreign bank, i tried my luck with local bank, which is the "Harimau" bank. And i got my first credit card, which is Visa Classic. Slowly i build my credit trust by paying on time.

Then i never look back. I pay up everything with my credit card, u name it, tnb, telekom, assessment, insurances, tax, online purchases, amazon, whatever, etc. How i wish to get hold of a gold card. Tell me who has classic card and never think to have a gold card? After sometime, i got to upgrade my card.
 Maybank Gold Credit Card

I was happy becoz i think i upgraded my level. At least i am improving, if type of credit card is used as a yardstick for success. I thought that is the furthest i can get, but in my mind, i wish to have the next level, which is platinum.

Ambank MasterCard Platinum and Standard Chartered Platinum

Finally i got not one but three. I guess after u got one, other banks will start to give u another.

So now i think what next? Visa infinite? World Mastercard? I guess i have to stick to platinum for sometime. Visa infinite monthly salary requirement is RM 15k /month, and both harimau bank or unta bank dont offer this card.

Dont think can i get there, but think how can i get there.... 
Aim for the star and u will get to the moon.

(although now it is seems too far for me to reach there, unless i got selected to be the next angkasawan, impossible for chinese, right? And just to add on something totally irrelevant, I totally dont like PERKASA, it is a bloody racist group, and also i got get why TUN attended their AGM)

Maybank Petronas VISA platinum

Don't forget only poor people got credit cards, rich people don't use it. Look around u, especially when you are queuing up to buy something in hypermarket. Those who buy a lots usually use cash. 

Now we need to pay RM 50 annually thanks to our caring PM so we wont misuse it. So next month, i need to say goodbye to some of my cards. That is the reason i made up this post. Bye bye my cards...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Why i dont have time to update my blog?

Picture and videos will be the one which will tell the story.

That is why i am so busy.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

My new working desk arrangement

My new addition. This is what i call multitasking.