Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pick up from The Star

Saturday October 29, 2011

Rosnah: We have highest number of obese people in region


HULU TERENGGANU: Malaysians are the fattest in Southeast Asia and the Health Ministry is determined to lose that “honour”.
Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid said Malaysia had the highest number of obese citizens in the region.
“This is very worrying as the country is also ranked sixth among Asian countries,” she said after launching the Cakna Kesihatan programme at Kampung Pasir Nering here yesterday.
Health conscious: Rosnah undergoing a medical checkup during the launch of the Cakna Kesihatan programme at Kampung Pasir Nering in Hulu Terengganu Friday.
“One of the main contributors is our inactive lifestyle, whereby 43.7% of those above 18 years of age are not exercising.”
Rosnah said her ministry had set a target to reduce 30% of the weight for those classified as obese nationwide.
“We'll do this through efforts such as introducing a calorie guideline in schools as well as instilling healthy lifestyle habits among university students.
“Studies conducted have revealed obesity is common among urban people, given the high number of fast food outlets located in towns and cities.
“We are also organising various health checkups through the respective health departments nationwide to ensure that the people can gauge their health levels,” she said.
Rosnah said 60% of deaths worldwide were due to non-communicable disease and obesity was a type of NCD.
“Such deaths can be prevented if only people would take charge of their lives,” she said.
“It is not hard to exercise, thus the ministry has introduced the 10,000 steps a day programme.”

Ask the pharmacist
1) I agree there are many people who do not exercise and thus become fat. That including me, as my business is just too time consuming (long hours sitting in the shop). I barely have much time to exercise except on Sunday.
2) I think i am slightly overweight but not obese yet. Many of my friends too have increase weight after joining retail business.
3) If you yourself don't exercise, you don't have the right to ask others to exercise.It is just something like a smoker father asking the son to quit smoking. Imagine a fatter /obese person telling you to start exercise because you are fat.

Will it work? How about she? Do you think "she" ever exercise? :)

Friday, October 07, 2011

Prewedding shot for my brother

Leave a comment here as usual for improvement. Tq.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good bye my proton iswara

My proton iswara is serving me faithfully since 2004. She is with me after i land my first job in HUKM, followed by in Guardian, before Pharma Logik was born. i never had any breakdown before with her, but after more than 7 years, it is time for a switch. So i am trading her in for some thing japanese, by the way i love wasabi. Bye proton.

Monday, July 11, 2011

9th July2011 - 709 1Malaysia destroyed

For me this picture tell a thousand stories, and it destroy the whole 1Msia theme. Forget about my previous 1Msia post. It is not significant now. No matter how nice the song is. Shooting tear gas and chemical laced water towards granny holding flower is just fucking sick and totally wrong. They even shot into Tung Shin hospital compound. Is this how u treat your people?

709 is my birthday and if a new malaysia is born, it will have the same birthday as me. Haha.. or even better if the PR win next GE, they may declare it as public holiday. Wow!!

can u tell me where is the big mouth fat frog who threaten the non malays to stay home? Chicken out? As i expected.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Satu Malaysia

I think the 1Malaysia song by Lim Kok Wing is fabulously fantastic. Even my daughter like the song, and also the melody when she first heard it. Now she want to learn to sing that song. today i have listen to these songs repeatedly for more than 10 times.

This song stir up my feeling of belonging and love as a malaysian. I almost drop my tears during part of the song. How i wish all malaysian can be satu bangsa, satu negara. The race issue never been an issue at all during my primary schooling time in Sekolah Kebangsaan. We tease our friends by using the word bodoh macam babi, gila babi, etc etc, and call my malay friends by their father name, yet we stay close to each other. i miss those days.

Too bad, there are so many of our leaders who think of 1Melayu first, 1Bumi before 1Malaysia. Our PM is doing good, but becoz of inaction against these 1Bumi and 1Melayu people, all his effort went down to drain. Esp those stupid who call for Jihad yet no ISA for him.

Another creative and funny Nasi Lemak video to end my blog post. Is this the real satu malaysia or the first part? We all hope

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My family drawing

By my beloved daughter Yen Yi (2+ years old). 
I have labelled 3 people.
Left her little brother, grandma and grandpa, but i think the answer is obvious right?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My bridgestone tyres finally gone

My year 2006 Bridgestone tires finally burst yesterday. Whether it F1 brand or non F1 brand, it will still worn out after 5 years. The thread still looks good but somehow it just burst, so i had to change both tires. Maybe it is due to my aggressive driving. Or it could be the pressure from hitting the bumper, again and again as is just to much even for Bridgestone tires to bear. Everytime i go out from my housing areas, I will have to cross a total of more than 6 speed humps. 

Actually i have been thinking of changing it since last year, once it reach its age of 5.. But I was hoping that it will last me until Kia Optima 2011 comes out sometime in August. Now i am in no hurry to change my car liao. Bad decisons Kia, for delaying the car launch in Malaysia for watever reasons. U just lost a customer this year. It seems like Kia Optima is taking forever to arrive in our shores.

Speaking of delay, my ipad 2 is still in Subang Airport waiting for our customs clearance since Tuesday. It suppose to arrive on Thursday as Tuesday is Public holiday for Wesak Day. It has been 4 days passed. Calling to DHL to complain does not help becoz it is not within their power to do anything. And they said it is normal to take up a week for customs to clear. WTF?

The cost
So, the total damage of a new set of GoodYear Dura Plus 185x60x14 = RM 358. Which comes out to RM 179/tube.

Ask the pharmacist
1)I felt i had overpaid for this new set of tires, but when your tires punctures, the only choice is the nearest tires shop right? Checking on paultan website confirm my suspicions. It only cost RM 168/tube and it is RSP. I was overcharge by RM 11/tube.

2)Change your tires after 5 years, if u waited for it to fail, either u will get slashed by the tires shop or could end up in accident. Life is too valuable. I had my lessons.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why recession is better than recovery?

Recession... I am not sure about others, but for a middle income person like me, it is definitely better. The bank BLR had increased from 5.55% to 6.6% now, since i last bought my first house. Our government is good enough to instruct the bank not to increase any monthly payment so that we don't feel any pinch. But beocz of this, my 30 years loan will become 41 year loan. Good right? Vote for BN!!! Mana mau cari?

For eg.
If u had 400k loan, this increase will have the same effect of being punched right on the face and there is nothing u can do about it. How about i make a lump sum payment to offset the interest charge? Forget about it becoz u need to stick for the payment at least for the first 5 years into your loan. This small 1.05% different will eat up to RM 4200/year. Or 2.5x Ipad 2 /year. This will translate to extra RM 12/ day interest for the bank. Or a full single person KFC meal/day. Arrgh...

Even for the My First House scheme, i think those earning 3k will have trouble to pay for it., esp graduates working in urban areas.

Loan= 220k
Interest= BLR-2%=4.6%
Years= 30 years. 
Monthly payment= RM 1127.81
Interest for 1st month= RM 843.33
Principa1 for 1st month= RM 284.48

If a graduate earning RM3000, expenses/month =
House= RM 1127.81
EPF= RM 330
Socso= RM 14.75
Income tax= RM 57.10
Proton Saga FL 5 years loan = RM 763
Petrol=RM 200
TNB= RM 50
Water= RM 5
Phone= RM 30
Credit card RM 50 annual fees= RM 4.20
Balance to take home= RM 420.34 or RM14/day.
Is RM 420 /month enough for food, clothes, shopping, toll, parking fees, car service in kl meh? Ipad 2, forget about it.

What to do?

Ask the pharmacist
1) Go sell roti canai.
2) Go back parent's home to eat. 
3) Go windows shopping after work to save electricity. Use shopping complex toilet to save water. 
3) Go find part time.
4) Go find a rich GF.
5) Seduce your boss if she is single and then ask for increment.
5) Rent out your house rooms. 
6) Blog to earn money.
7) Pray for recession to come back. 

Leave some comments if u have other ways to earn money.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sesame Street Prank Call to Pharmacist

I found these videos when i was searching for Sesame Street videos from youtube for Yen Yi. Watching Sesame Street with her even taught me some new words. Now i and Yen Yi knew all the names of Sesame Street characters. Too bad, when i was small,  I never like Sesame Street as i don't understand what are they saying. That explains why i only know how to say good morning at 6 years old, that also after i attends kinder-garden.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

True meaning of brother and sisters

We often heard story about how brothers and sisters jealous of each other and each one of them fighting for their parent attentions or approval. Most of the time, the bigger sister will bully her younger siblings. Some terrible stories including how the big sister pulling the brother's "bird" (yes, that bird haha), kicking him off the bed, biting him and pulling his ears (yes, like a little devil esp when they are left alone together), bla bla...etc.

So, before Zhuo Yhing was born, we did discussed about this issue and we agreed to take some precaution eg not to say anything that can cause any distress to any one of them. Especially that the bigger sister can understand what we say. We also made pact to love two of them and not side either one. But, now it turns out the worries is just worries. 
Yen Yi love her brother very much. 

I would hope this situation will continue indefinitely.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday, March 04, 2011

Google Adsense

My first google adsense payment!!
 How to get payment from google adsense?

1) Print out the statement from Adsense.
2) Go to Pos Office and get the Western Union form.
3) Fill up the form and take a number.
4) Pass the form to the counter officer.
5) Officer pass to her superior.
6) Superior check the manual.
7) Superior make a phone call.
8) Superior key in something to the computer.
9) Superior refer the manual again.
10) Superior ask another staff for guide.
11) After 25 minutes, finally give up and pass me the money first.
12) Superior refer to the manual again. I got my money and leave.
13) I went to sushi King to buy my lunch to celebrate.

I can say Google pay me 3 times more than Nuffnang.
Here, I can eat 7 times more sushi before i can finish my Adsense payment. 
Way to go GOOGLE!!

High Noon Update

As i blog in my previous post, Iphone High Noon is a very addicting game. U can see from my picture below.

From this innocent player,

 I play until becoming this mad man.
Come and shoot this mad man before it is too late. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Iphone High Noon Tips

I must admit i am addicted to this game after i downloaded it last week. Especially if u like to play cow boy style gun shooting just like duel in the movies.

 That is me in my plain clothes. 

 When i win. My record is about 8/10 win. 

Tips for winning:
1) Just shoot fast and accurate. 
2) Amplify your movement when reloading bullets.
3) Try using shotgun if u cant aim.
4) Play using wifi rather than 3G.

When i lose. 

I wont be doing a full review here becoz u can google it. This game is worth a post in my blog becoz it is super addicting. I remember the last time i hooked to a game is Civilization 2 during my form 3 years.

 My High Noon ID HN 276439722. 
I dare u to challenge me. Haha

Monday, February 07, 2011

Intel recall Sandy Bridge Chipset!!

Intel had issued a recall on the new Sandy Bridge Chipset. My Dell XPS 8300 is one of the affected pc.

From Dell website:

On Jan. 31, Intel announced a Stop Ship on its Cougar Point (Intel 6 Series) chipset. The chipset is utilized in PCs with Intel's latest Second Generation Intel Core processors, code-named Sandy Bridge. According to Intel, ports within the chipsets may degrade over time, potentially impacting the performance or functionality of SATA-linked devices such as hard disk drives and DVD drives.

For customers impacted by this issue, Dell offers a couple of solutions. Customers experiencing issues will be supported under the warranty and service terms. Once Dell has new chipsets from Intel in early April, Dell will provide a motherboard replacement that corrects the design issue at no cost to our customers. Replacements will be provided at the customers’ location and convenience via authorized Dell service providers. Affected customers may also take advantage of the applicable return policy, which may vary by region.

Ask the pharmacist

1) I am very satisfied with the my new Dell. The performance is top notch.
2) Dell is offering me their Applicable Return Policy, i can just return back and get my money back.
3) I think i will opt for a return. Who knows what i can get in April. Maybe a completely new configurations with even better peformance.
4) The way Dell handle the recall is extremely satisfying. I get to use my new pc for a week for foc, although there is some minor problem ie i can't use my DVD-ROM.
5) This is my 6th Dell PC and becoz of all these good experience, i think i will be lifetime Dell user.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy CNY from PM Salam 1Malaysia

Salam 1Malaysia! How does the PM got my email?
I think many people received the same message from PM. There is no secret in cyberworld. A very good work, reaching out to the people. This simple text message may get u some new votes indeed.

1Malaysia message no mention of firecrackers?
Too bad nowadays there is no more firecrackers. In other way government can consider organize some safe firecracker show (not those "meriam buluh" ) supervised by some experts so that the CNY would be merrier. 

Thanks for your wishes.

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Dell XPS 8300 with i7-2600

I am back with my new pc. My old 2007 PC is starting to slow me down, especially when i multitask. If i talk about the old pc peformance in editing video and 21MP pictures, i will

But still, I tried to live with it until the new super i7-2600 processor came out. It is faster yet cheaper in comparison with the previous intel i7-975 which cost a bomb. 
This is when i make my choice to get one, if i dont get it now, then i will have to wait for the next generation again? I also need a PC at home, so the old PC still get a home. Anyway, I need it to get my income tax rebate. 

If i buy a pc now, with so many choices, which one should i buy? Buy the most expensive one? haha...i will advise to buy one with can last u for another 5 years without slowing u down again. 

So, after some stupid analyzing on my own (with little brain activity, becoz if i use my more brain power, i will tell myself to wait for another 2 years),
I settle with the Dell XPS 8300 which comes with

Intel Core i7-2600 processor
1TB 7200rpm harddisk
1GB ATI Radeon HD 5870
 If u can see from the chart above, the new intel i7-2600 with the price of $295 yet with the CPUMark of 8932 looks like a bargain right? It is the top 9 fastest consumer PC in the world..DOnt play play. Comparing with my old AMD Athlon X2 4800 with CPUMark of 1258, it is like comparing Lexus and Proton Saga.

This fcuking monster churns out gaming index 7.8 of the total of 7.9. What else i want?

The speed of multitasking are amazing, with the Windows Experience Index almost full, i will get all the Experience that i want, until one day i change my harddisk to SSD. Haha...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Really really busy

Sorry to all for not updating my blog for the past month, i have been really busy with my biz and life. My wife just give birth and i have to juggle between my biz and also taking care of the family. And i have a lot of accounting work to do as my biz account closes on the end of the year.

 Having a superactive daughter doesnt help and my year 2007 computer was slowing down as i multitasks. I was so busy until i forgot to sms Standard Chartered bank to get my guaranteed digital photo frame worth RM 269 or a new 64GB ipad. Shit....

I wont have much time to reply to all the pharmacy related questions posted to me right now. Sorry for that. Everything will be settled by the end of the month, and with the help of my new pc, i will be back.