Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is jahanam a proper word to teach our kids?

Last sunday, when i was looking for some story books for my baby, i came across this malay story book. As far as i am concerned, "jahanam" is a bad word. It meant something like "u go to hell", or "fuck yourself".
Could someone with an A1 in SPM help to explain what is the real meaning of jahanam? Maybe it i am oversensitive, it can meant "naughty"?

That is why i dont buy Malay story book for my baby.

Baby is going to be 2 years old coming this August. She had learned up a lot. This including helping around with some house chores.

E.g Doing the laundry. This is the best video i can take with my current Samsung Omnia II.Satisfactory to view in youtube but not in TV. I cant wait for iphone 4 and also 5D MkII.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Photo Printing with Canon

I still remember my first Canon Bubble Jet printer, BJC-600 which i bought around year 1993 costing my father a hefty RM 2000++. It is among the first inkjet printer that can print in color. At 360dpi x360dpi, it have almost the nicest printing output available to consumers. Once, I even lend my printer to some PC exhibitions for color printing demo during the exhibitions. That is how good the printer at that time. Dont play play.

After a year in service, the printer head broke down and need to be replaced. And the printer head replacement is costlier than the whole new printer, becoz the newer version was already introduced. Therefore i choose to retire the printer. No point i go and change the 360dpi print head and the cheaper new printer can print 720dpi.

At that time, i told myself to switch to laser printer and said i never ever to touch any inkjet printer anymore. Inkjet technology is developing to fast for me to catch up.

Canon MP 238
July 2010, yet i bought a new Canon MP238 inkjet printer. The resolution is 4800x1200dpi which is far far far far better than 360dpi, yet cost only a small fraction of my old printer. I always want a printer that can print photos, yet i dont want to pay for the costly ink. During my visit to a new computer shop nearby, i was instantly attracted to this babe.

It comes with preinstalled CISS (Continuos ink supply system), this babe is too hot to resist and i brought one home with me. That is why i never carry more than RM 300 in my pocket, it can disappear just like that. But since it is the cheapest canon printer, i think this time, i wont be wrong. (i will go and check out my storeroom tonight to see if my retired printer is still hanging there)