Saturday, August 29, 2009

MPS Building Fund

Our Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society had already made a confirmed booking of the building at the 1-Puchong Business Park with a down payment and a loan approval from Alliance Bank. The total loan amount is RM1.722 million with a monthly repayment of RM10,320/- for 25 years. This works out to having to pay a total interest of RM1,472 million.

It would thus make good sense to repay this loan as early as possible.

Anyone who join as a Life Member will still pay the usual RM 2,000/- Life Membership fees, and out this RM 1,000/- will be allocated for the Building Fund. That would mean the member will benefit of being a Life Member and at the same time be recognized as a RM 1,000/- contributor towards the building fund.
Statement above is from MPS to call upon all practising pharmacist in Malaysia to contribute back to our society. I have been thinking about this for some time, to be exact 8 months, before i decided to do my part to join in the programme. I have been normal members since 2001, so this programme is worth all the money becoz the MPS annual fees is RM120.

RM 2k is a big amount for me. With 2k, i can get my iphone!
My old trusty palm treo 650 was my only hp since i started practicing retail pharmacy on my own. Sometimes, i just dont know why it never dies. This piece of brick never die even if i drop it. Handphone usually have 3 years life right? and yet this treo is 4 years old and still going strong.

MPS or iphone, MPS or iphone, MPS or iphone? What is iphone? How much it worth after 3 years?
Those who want to join, click here. Me and my wife had joined yesterday.
which means no iphone for both of us. Haha....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Usain bolt smash the world record in 100m

So, the new world record is 9.58s. How come the video shows 9.3s when he crossed the line? Need to minus the wind factor time? or maybe the tv time is wrong compared to the official timer...
(phew...i thought he will break my WII 100m world record at 9.2..)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lee Yen Yi First Birthday

Yen Yi falls on 1st of August, and we did a small celebration for her at home.

Cake cutting ceremony.

The usual celebration for 1st year birthday usually involved a simple ceremony. The items were put in front of the baby and then we will see which one the baby will choose first. The items includes toy piano, story book, eggs, drumstick, abacus or calculator and money. And u guess what Yen Yi took?

Her eyes seems like focusing on something "valuable"

Oops... Does she knows?

After the cash note, the red eggs.

Then followed by the drumsticks.

Results: 1)Money represent wealth. Eggs represent eat egg in test. Drumstick represent food. Abacus represent biz. Books represent studies. Piano represent toy. haha...

Nobody can take off the drumstick from her after that.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pharmacist life

Yesterday, a child about 2 years old come to my pharmacy to look for gum swelling medicine. After looking at it , i realized he have a serious gingivitis and swollen gum, so i decided to dispensed him Vitamin C tablet 100mg to be taken once daily. Then to brush the teeth everyday.

Today a relative of the parents came and said why i give him vitamin C and not the medicine. She said she always went to a pharmacy in town and always get the medicine. She said she read from the vitamin C leaflet, it is "makanan tambahan", and 100mg is for 7 years and above.

Reason of me dispensing
1) The gum swelling prob has been persisted again and again. There is no point giving pain killer again.
2) The teeth has been so bad, that i suspected he has been eating a lot of sweets. Giving him vitamin C chewable hopefully will substitute the sweets.

The parents came to pharmacy asking for advise, and i have do my best trying to introduce something to cure the child prob. Yet, they don't trust me after been influenced by their relative. I would like the child to have a good set of teeth when he is big, (not like me).

When this child reach adulthood, dont blame me for his bad teeth, dont blame the parents, but blame on his busybody relative.

Updated 8.15pm:
The father came back and say they believe me. He is working outstation, so he don't know about his son condition. He believed his mother always give sweets to his son, that is the main reason his teeth spoiled. The relative is the caretaker only. I am both happy and relieved now. Hahaha...