Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our life all revolve around Yen yi

Our life has change a lot since having Yen Yi as a new family member. It is all about her. Everything she want it her way. She is like a new queen in the family.
I hope that we wont spoiled her. I never beat her becoz i don't believe in beating to discipline a child. Luckily she is girl.

Family day trip to IKANO

There is no way we can persuade her to leave if she dont want to.

We had to find her a small trolley so she dont push ours.

Pictures taken with iphone

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Maxis vs Digi

 I was told to get my iphone on 23/10/10. So i promptly went to the Maxis dealer to get mine. Few days before that, i have  switched from Digi to Maxis Hotlink so there wouldnt have any delay for me to get my iphone 4.

So, this is my first maxis bill. I got it one week after i use my iphone 4. 
It suppose to come after one month right? Talk about effectiveness..Digi lose. 

For your info, i subscribe to iValue 1= Rm 100/month. 

So i was surprised to see the total amount of RM 109.19 on my first bill. It supposed to be RM 100.
So i went to check the bill thoroughly and the actual amount is RM 196.19 + 5% =RM 205.60.

And the billing date is 24/09/10- 23/10/10. And i got my phone on 23/10/10 4pm. 

8 hours of having Iphone 4 in my possession cost me RM 205.60. So i called in Maxis center to clarify. They said they dont have 23rd billing cycle. So the bill have to start from 24th. 

And since i got my iphone on 23rd, my bill had to start on 24th of Sept. So even if my bill start on Sept, i should be charged RM 100, and not RM 205.60 right? They replied my iValue plan not yet started, it only started on 24th Oct.

So how about the amount? I was told becoz of my internet usage on that day. I remembered that i downloaded A Sesame Street video for baby to watch that night. (It shouldnt be any prob to download a small video becoz i had 1GB of data usage. The dealer had assured me that i can use the iValue plan straight away. )

After few calls to Maxis centre, finally i got a rebate for RM 140++, so i only had to pay Rm 50++ for 1 day usage. (It supposed to be RM 205.60)

Oh boy...am i glad to hear that, Maxis give me a rebate for first time first day 8 hours Maxis postpaid user. Mana mau cari?

After my case had been solved, Maxis send me a sms. 
"Pls rate our service quality from no 1-5"

So u can guess what i sms back to them.

"Thank you Maxis, you r truly No 1 ." 

So, everyone, start switching from Digi to Maxis now! 

p/s (1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest) Maxis sucks...