Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Delicious as advertised? Maggi Mee

Working as a retail pharmacist is long hours and i often got no time to eat. Even though the eating stalls are just nearby, the S***** law prevent the pharmacist from stepping out of the pharmacy or else i have to lock the poison cabinet.

So as u can see below, i bought this Xtra delicious Maggi Tom Yam for my dinner. The packaging is nice, so i felt that i will be satisfied with this "delixious" meal even if the content can match the outside 50%.

And i happily went to boil my water and prepare for the my dinner. And so i open the lid and saw these...

WOW...look how big is the prawn!! One MF BIG PRAWN!!
Or is it a prawn or "he bi"?

Ask the pharmacist
1)I can finish this thing 2 bowl and yet felt nothing.
2)I never buy these type of instant noodle again.
3)Pls bear in mind instant noddle is not good for health. I bought it becoz i am food lover.


ws pang said...

Haha... u need a macro lens for ur BIG PRAWN.
where is the sotong?

Johnny Ong said...

hehe, a pharmacist ate maggi and then tell others not to take it?