Tuesday, December 09, 2008

3rd Wedding: Mr Liew / Tia Seai Wen & Ms Lee Lay Peng

Last Sunday was a good day for wedding ceremony as i have 3 friends marrying in different locations, Teluk Intan, KL, and Johor. But becoz of transportation problem, i choose to stay in my hometown to take photos.

_MG_3560 (Medium)
50mm f1.8 in action again

_MG_3507 (Medium)
Their wedding photos

_MG_3521 (Medium)

_MG_3581 (Medium)
Can i fly now?

_MG_3928 (Medium)
So nice to be kids

_MG_3982 (Medium)

_MG_3823 (Medium) (2)

_MG_3905 (Medium)
Flying love...

_MG_3902 (Medium)
More to come tomorrow...

Ask the pharmacist
1) Am i a pharmacist or a photographer now?
2) I am planning to get 24-105mm f4 L for better optical quality on my next job. Right now i am still with my 18-55mm IS. L stand for LUXURY...haha...or Lansi Lens..
It just maybe i mixed too much with ted and wspang.

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ws pang said...

new lens is coming oh....