Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can my 450D disadvantages turn into advantages?

Yesterday i was looking through dpreview.com for my 450D review and i saw them listed these as cons /limitations of my 450D.
  • Average automatic white balance performance, still very poor under incandescent light
  • Limited exposure compensation range
  • Contrast detect AF so slow it's useless for most types of photography
  • Metering has tendency to overexpose in very bright, contrasty conditions
  • Default JPEG output may be a little 'over processed' for some tastes (raw far more flexible)
  • Flash must be up for AF assist lamp (although AF is good even in low light)
  • Automatic AF point selection unpredictable (use center AF, it's safer)
  • Occasional total focus failures (in our case only 5 or 6 shots in almost 2000)
  • New Auto Lighting Optimizer doesn't really seem to do anything
  • No mass storage USB support
  • A little pricey

Ask the pharmacist
Solution to all the above problems?

Shoot RAW and shoot a lot. But of course u can choose another poisonous route to solve the problem.


ws pang said...

poisonous route? HEHEHEHEHE

pharmalogik said...

5D route...haha