Monday, December 13, 2010

Cheap yet nice Nasi Lemak

Can u believe it? 
Just RM 1.50 from a Malay restaurant beside my shop. 
The chili sauce reminds me of my secondary school canteen nasi lemak. Yummy.... brings back my schooling memory..

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

KLIMS 2010 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show

Me, Yen yi, my mother and my brothers, 5 of us visited KLIMS 2010. My wife is not going. So the pictures below were taken by my brother becoz i need to take care of Yen Yi. But the pictures are still fabulous. What can go wrong with nice cars+ pretty ladies+ 5dmkii? All pictures are unedited.

The queue

Despite the bad review from certain forums, the crowds were amazing. We couldnt find any parking in PWTC even we arrive early. After some 45 minutes, when we almost give up, we finally found some at the roof top parking at the bus station opposite PWTC. 
According the KLIMS ticket seller, they have more than 10 ticketing counters and they purposely close few to reduce the numbers of people going in. Then after i got the tickets, they asked me to go in later becoz people cant even walk inside. 
So, if i arrived morning and it is already packed, would it become better in the afternoon? Hell no...of course it will be sardine packed in the later afternoon. 
So we went in asap.

I think i have seen her in PhotoMalaysia.

GTR...(salivating) Datuk Lee drive this. Lee Chong Wei lar.

I thought she is a doll at first. 


 My dream car, but not anymore becoz of my growing family. GTI is too small.

My other dream car, but not anymore after i was inspired.

I fall in love with her.

I meant the car, not the girl.
KIA OPTIMA, come come. i will change to this car if it comes out in 2011/2012.

Must pose lansi with ferrari.

The bads
Batman guns...WTF?

Batman weapons? WTF x2

Batman outfits, WTF x3..

Batman car? WTF x4... And they want charge us RM 15  to take a picture with it.. WTF x infinity..... Only stupid will want to take pic with a fake batman and cardboard car.

Overall satisfying. Just dont put any hopes in the batman mobile.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our life all revolve around Yen yi

Our life has change a lot since having Yen Yi as a new family member. It is all about her. Everything she want it her way. She is like a new queen in the family.
I hope that we wont spoiled her. I never beat her becoz i don't believe in beating to discipline a child. Luckily she is girl.

Family day trip to IKANO

There is no way we can persuade her to leave if she dont want to.

We had to find her a small trolley so she dont push ours.

Pictures taken with iphone

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Maxis vs Digi

 I was told to get my iphone on 23/10/10. So i promptly went to the Maxis dealer to get mine. Few days before that, i have  switched from Digi to Maxis Hotlink so there wouldnt have any delay for me to get my iphone 4.

So, this is my first maxis bill. I got it one week after i use my iphone 4. 
It suppose to come after one month right? Talk about effectiveness..Digi lose. 

For your info, i subscribe to iValue 1= Rm 100/month. 

So i was surprised to see the total amount of RM 109.19 on my first bill. It supposed to be RM 100.
So i went to check the bill thoroughly and the actual amount is RM 196.19 + 5% =RM 205.60.

And the billing date is 24/09/10- 23/10/10. And i got my phone on 23/10/10 4pm. 

8 hours of having Iphone 4 in my possession cost me RM 205.60. So i called in Maxis center to clarify. They said they dont have 23rd billing cycle. So the bill have to start from 24th. 

And since i got my iphone on 23rd, my bill had to start on 24th of Sept. So even if my bill start on Sept, i should be charged RM 100, and not RM 205.60 right? They replied my iValue plan not yet started, it only started on 24th Oct.

So how about the amount? I was told becoz of my internet usage on that day. I remembered that i downloaded A Sesame Street video for baby to watch that night. (It shouldnt be any prob to download a small video becoz i had 1GB of data usage. The dealer had assured me that i can use the iValue plan straight away. )

After few calls to Maxis centre, finally i got a rebate for RM 140++, so i only had to pay Rm 50++ for 1 day usage. (It supposed to be RM 205.60)

Oh i glad to hear that, Maxis give me a rebate for first time first day 8 hours Maxis postpaid user. Mana mau cari?

After my case had been solved, Maxis send me a sms. 
"Pls rate our service quality from no 1-5"

So u can guess what i sms back to them.

"Thank you Maxis, you r truly No 1 ." 

So, everyone, start switching from Digi to Maxis now! 

p/s (1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest) Maxis sucks...

Friday, October 29, 2010

23 Oct Wedding - Mr Eric Beh and Mrs Beh

My first wedding shot with 5D MKII +24-105mm f4.0 + 580 EXII

The heng tai and chi mui s....

1Malaysia is everywhere

That is why i always said: Shooting wedding is fun.
Dinner photos coming soon...