Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding part 3

_MG_2913 (Large)
Calling wife: Lao po, wo lia liao

_MG_2918 (Large)
This costume is what he get by calling

_MG_2920 (Large)
Free orange juice to drink..

_MG_2930 (Large)
Be strong, hypnotized to take the banana

_MG_2934 (Large)
No angpow no open door

_MG_2963 (Large)
I am so fortunate

_MG_2979 (Large)

_MG_3027 (Large)

_MG_3011 (Large)
Glowing gown...dont play play

_MG_3189 (Large)
What is the panda doing there?

_MG_2996 (Large)
Finally can bring her home

_MG_3340 (Large)

_MG_3029 (Large)

More to come tomorrow

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ws pang said...

waiting for ur part 4.... haha