Friday, November 21, 2008

50mm f1.8 in action

All these pictures taken without flash, and low light at night. And the result really impressed me.

_MG_2680 (Large)
Night time it's my playtime! haha

_MG_2709 (Large)
See me 3.5 months baby walking

_MG_2710 (Large)
Now.. see my muscles...

_MG_2722 (Large)
OK..enough play..Time to pose

_MG_2712 (Large)
We love u BB

_MG_2725 (Large)
Lansi baby


ws pang said...

very nice photo. this two model is superb, hahaha.

Ted said...

Hahah lansi baby...good to see BB and mother being happy! (Happy with new lens maybe? Muahahahah)

beyond said...

BB looks big for a 3 months old. LOL. So cute. U bringing BB down to KL or not this weekend?

pharmalogik said...

BB stay at home with sl..cannot go anywhere..