Monday, October 27, 2008

Proton Saga is a plastic car

This is what usually happens to proton saga after 4 years.

Crack...crack...*t...wat have i done?
Have u experience this before?
How am i going to go out from my car?
Holy sh*t, i am stucked inside this lousy car, can someone outside open the door for me?
p/s i am not gonna fix this...i will show this to everyone i know and ask them dont buy proton.


Ted said...

Have to open the window to get out in this case...i agree with you. My next car will not be a proton.

ws pang said...

Time to buy a new car?
New car, better safety... good for baby.

Anonymous said...

if u ever got extra bit money, get a NON-proton car..... or else u need that extra money to fix all the nonsence defects in POTON car !

beyond said...

Time to get a Japanese car la.