Thursday, October 16, 2008

Going out of business

People say 9 out of 10 businesses fail in 2 years. Out of the business who succeed, 9 will failed in another 10 years. Myth or truth?

My pharmacy is nearing 3 years old and i have seen many businesses come and go. I have the opportunity to see becoz i opened my shop in a new area, on a new row of shophouses.

My town, Teluk Intan is too saturated with pharmacies. If i open it that area, competition will be tense and i guess the pharmacist there will definitely hate me. So i choose a new area and try to introduce them pharmacy service. It is sad as i make new friends here, but after sometime they r no more.

Here is the list of closed business.
1) Chinese restaurant (<2years)
WSPang had tried the food b4. Salty and not nice.

2) Malay restaurant (< 1 year)
Nice food but i dont like the boss smoking.

3) Steamboat restaurant (<2 years)

4) 24 hours supermarket (<2years)

5) Joss sticks shop (< 2years)

6) Cake and bun shop (<2months)

7) Night Bar (<6months)

Business who succeed the 2 years curse

1) Mamak shop
2) Cybercafe
3) Evacuator shop
4) Handphone shop
5) Chinese Food Stall Restaurant
6) Pharmacy (ops, but dont come to my place to open business, i will make sure u fail within a year)
7) Electrical shop
8) RM 5 shop (selling cheap cheap products)

So, u think it is a myth or truth? Make sure you know wat r u into if u want to open business. U will have to sacrifice for long hours. I hope i can survive the 10 years curse as well.


ws pang said...

mine less than 1 year somemore, haha.
It really shock me cake n bun shop close less than 2 months, my area cake n bun shop keep on open and open, less than 1 minutes walk from my shop got 3 shop selling cakes n bun.

All the best !!!

Anonymous said...

well, come to think about it, it sounds real at your area.
why is it so?
I think Teluk Intan ppl still prefer to go to town n shop all at one go, same goes to ppl from far.
Perhaps u may need to deliver some brochures thru newspaper. can u do so?
Anywhere, u will do good in future.

Ted said...

Yea, here in Sabah cake and bun shops a lot actually. My area here got 4 so far...

Opening a biz is not easy i feel. Lots of sacrifice and hard work.

Anonymous said...

biz is like that la

pharmalogik said...

but if go to town, they have to pay for parking, and the town also always jam during peak hours( school session)

anonymous... er.. actually my biz is not bad lar.. no need to deliver brochures yet..hahaha. people deliver brochures when biz is bad

pharmalogik said...

mind to introduce yourself? no need to post under anonymous