Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Busy month

It has been some time since i updated my blog. I am quite busy running and managing my retail shop. I am having a Bone Density Test and Stress test for my customers courtesy of Shine company in my shop later evening.
This is how my desk looks like now

Baby Yen Yi is crying every night and this is made my life more hectic, even although i really dont mind. For your information, basically i have to wake up every 3 hours to feed her. Although my wife is doing the job, i still wakes up to help her..a bit lar...

Money already received from the couples whom i took their picture few weeks ago. But i not yet finished editing my work. I guess it is either me, ie i am not fast enough or my computer AMD Athlon X2 with 4 GB RAM which is still slow (u know wat i mean if u do a lot of photoshop editing) and thus delaying the progress.
Then i have to monitor the share market closely as buying anything is like a roller coaster ride. Morning can go down 20 points, and then afternoon shoot up 20 points. Today it went down 27 points. Tomorrow u see wat happens. These type of bursa is definitely not for the faint hearted. If i am older, i guess i have to take some co enzyme Q10. Let me know if u need some, i got sell.

If u really hate someone, ask them to buy shares now and tell them it is damn cheap....hahaI bought in some IOICORP today morning as it make new lows. I just cannot see a good company shares plunging to lower and lower and i do nothing to help the company. Plan to add more is it reach 3.20. When is Anwar going to take over and save the bursa? This is what he claimed, having met with i cant remember who foreign investors. Can anyone tell me whether he is waiting for the right time or just simply bluffing all the way?

Also need to catch up with tvb movies as 2 tvb movies run concurrently.
How do i have enough time to catch up with these series? So i give up one, the second one.

And finally losing some fake money while playing Texas Al Poker in facebook and

Losing out to an evil in Be A Tycoon. I wonder how this guy money manage to exceed me even i am the one who play the game first..

I give up, i can't catch up with him. Either he is very good in biz or very evil. Haha..Somehow he must be cheating...
Something to cheer me up at last.

Some FOC vouchers from another evil or supersmart Tan Sri Dato Seri Vincent Tan to us as small shareholders of his company. Yup, i invest in BJTOTO although i dont buy TOTO..

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