Saturday, May 21, 2011

My bridgestone tyres finally gone

My year 2006 Bridgestone tires finally burst yesterday. Whether it F1 brand or non F1 brand, it will still worn out after 5 years. The thread still looks good but somehow it just burst, so i had to change both tires. Maybe it is due to my aggressive driving. Or it could be the pressure from hitting the bumper, again and again as is just to much even for Bridgestone tires to bear. Everytime i go out from my housing areas, I will have to cross a total of more than 6 speed humps. 

Actually i have been thinking of changing it since last year, once it reach its age of 5.. But I was hoping that it will last me until Kia Optima 2011 comes out sometime in August. Now i am in no hurry to change my car liao. Bad decisons Kia, for delaying the car launch in Malaysia for watever reasons. U just lost a customer this year. It seems like Kia Optima is taking forever to arrive in our shores.

Speaking of delay, my ipad 2 is still in Subang Airport waiting for our customs clearance since Tuesday. It suppose to arrive on Thursday as Tuesday is Public holiday for Wesak Day. It has been 4 days passed. Calling to DHL to complain does not help becoz it is not within their power to do anything. And they said it is normal to take up a week for customs to clear. WTF?

The cost
So, the total damage of a new set of GoodYear Dura Plus 185x60x14 = RM 358. Which comes out to RM 179/tube.

Ask the pharmacist
1)I felt i had overpaid for this new set of tires, but when your tires punctures, the only choice is the nearest tires shop right? Checking on paultan website confirm my suspicions. It only cost RM 168/tube and it is RSP. I was overcharge by RM 11/tube.

2)Change your tires after 5 years, if u waited for it to fail, either u will get slashed by the tires shop or could end up in accident. Life is too valuable. I had my lessons.

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