Saturday, June 18, 2011

Satu Malaysia

I think the 1Malaysia song by Lim Kok Wing is fabulously fantastic. Even my daughter like the song, and also the melody when she first heard it. Now she want to learn to sing that song. today i have listen to these songs repeatedly for more than 10 times.

This song stir up my feeling of belonging and love as a malaysian. I almost drop my tears during part of the song. How i wish all malaysian can be satu bangsa, satu negara. The race issue never been an issue at all during my primary schooling time in Sekolah Kebangsaan. We tease our friends by using the word bodoh macam babi, gila babi, etc etc, and call my malay friends by their father name, yet we stay close to each other. i miss those days.

Too bad, there are so many of our leaders who think of 1Melayu first, 1Bumi before 1Malaysia. Our PM is doing good, but becoz of inaction against these 1Bumi and 1Melayu people, all his effort went down to drain. Esp those stupid who call for Jihad yet no ISA for him.

Another creative and funny Nasi Lemak video to end my blog post. Is this the real satu malaysia or the first part? We all hope

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Pang Wee Siang said...

Yeah, this song melody is nice. but i feel super dulan when the chorus keep on repeat ' 1 bangsa 1 malaysia'

why all the form that we fill in need to choose ' CINA, MALAYU, INDIA, OTHERS......

stupid 1malaysia.