Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Worms infection

This is the question i always come across in my pharmacy?
1) My son/daughter is very thin? Can i give him Zentel?
2) My son stomach is very big? Can i give him Zentel?
3) It is already a month since i last gave him Zentel, can i give him again now?

Worms that infect humans can be divided into roundworm, whipworms, threadworms, hookworms, tapeworm, and fluke. Eating undercooked beef, pork, fish that friends with marine mammals, walking barefoot or swimming, playing with soil etc are some of the ways to invite them to stay inside your intestine.

Worms transmission -usually via direct anus to mouth transfer.What are the symptoms?
The most frequent symptom is irritating perianal itch that occurs at night as the female worms deposits it eggs.

Above pictures were taken during my visit to UPM Veterinary Department

Ask the pharmacist

-Wash bed linens, towels, underwear in hot water. Remember not to shake it as it can disperse the eggs into air.
-The person should take daily morning showers to remove the eggs deposited outside the anal druing the night. Yes. The worms do not lay eggs inside.
-Use disinfectant on toilet seats and bathtube or anything that in contact with the butt.
-Wet mopping the floor.
-After the child uses the toilet, scrub the child's fingers with soap and brush.
-Trim the nails regularly.
-Wash hand regularly.

Take any one of these.
1) Zentel Suspension RM 8.55
2) Zentel Tablet Rm 6.40
3) Champs D-Worms Rm 5.60
4) Pharmalogik Worms Solution RM 4.50

All contains the same ingredient which is Albendazole. But diff price. Which one you choose?

Do u feel like want to take the medicine for worms after reading all these? I do as i write. Sometimes it is just physiological. But my butt feel itchy liao. Oh my god, do i have worms? Come to pharmalogik and buy your dose to kill that sh*t.


beyond said...

Wow! U still have those pictures! I couldnt take any pics then. Cant afford a camera back then.

HW said...

Hey pharmalogik, i heard that after taking this medication, the worm might come out together with your stool. I can only imagine how horrifying it would be if the worm got stuck half way in your butt.

Is that really possible? I'm kinda scared to take it now after hearing. haha.

pharmalogik said...

then can u imagine if the worms stay in your intestine sucking your blood? aewwww....

make sure u kill those b*stards...haha