Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Do u need a photographer?

i am offering my service to those who need a photographer for any events including wedding, house warming party, birthday party etc

I am using
Canon 450D + Kit lens RSP: RM 3349
Speedlite 580EX II
Wireless trigger
4GB+2GB SD Card

My package including slide show with music of your choice, photoshop photos, DVD or VCD.

Reason for offering as your photographer
1) Photography is my passion
2) i've been learning new things about photography which i would love to put into practice
3) i want to help you capture those memorable moments in your life that money can't buy
4) a little extra pocket money for doing what i love to do seems like a good idea especially on sundays when my pharmacy is closed

Ask the pharmacist
1) How much u charge?
The charge would be a little bit higher than my pharmacist pay/hour.

2) I don't have money.
Want FOC? No money? if i give FOC, then you won't appreciate my service that much.
it's not that expensive anyway. trust me it's worth every cent.

I have experience on this.
Recently one potential customer ask me: How much u charge?
My answer: Er...Since this is the first time i take for u, i can give u free. U just pay for the CD and give me an angpow.
Customer: FOC? Never mind then. I want to get a better one.
My answer: ???WTF??

As u can see, nobody appreciate FOC items.


ws pang said...

good good good
And congratulation to u also.

Jeffrey Engel said...

I applaud you. Never give away creative work for free. As a photographer I have seen the perception of value of photography go down as more and more people give away photography for free. Usually free photography is really bad photography, or at the very least, it is not GREAT photography. The truth is you usually get what you pay for. If your photography has value, then people should pay for it. I'm glad you are charging for your services, and I'm even more glad that you are charging more than what you make at your regular job. This is your free time, so it SHOULD be worth more and people should have to pay for that. A lot of people don't understand that. You and your customers do! i'm glad to hear about that.

Aaron Tan said...

perhaps you should include your portfolios here. ;)

beyond said...

Muahahaha. Post some of work here k!?

pharmalogik said...

i baru only bought 450D lar.. where got portfolio? But u can see some of my previous work, click on the label photography in my blog.

Here i can assure u, if u r not satisfied with the result, 100% money back guarantee..hehe