Monday, March 23, 2009

Retail pharmacist life is very boring

Sometimes i do wonder, if my life suppose to be like this. Sitting in the shop from 9am -9 pm everyday Monday to Saturday, boring right? The only thing other than selling medicine is to surf the net and blogging. And i can't imagine what my life would be constraining myself to the limited space in my shop if there is no internet. I guess i am going to be mad.

After watching the movie "Yes Man", how i wish to be like him. Yes, like him after the Yes seminar, not before. Let see if i can practice it also. To live my life to the fullest.


lemuel said...

hi! i once experienced your situation. i own an internet shop before and i was there monday-saturday whole day, sometimes until early morning when i have customers. it was really boring but it is my job. after a few years, i sold the shop, took up a job and moved on. sometimes i still think about it. i miss the times when i was there and i miss the friends i met before. it is true that we will only realize how much we miss a thing when we don't have it anymore. anyway, i just want to say goodluck and hopefully you get more things to be excited about. you have a good looking baby by the way. you are blessed with a nice family. thanks!

Joyce said...

halo.i am a pharmacy student and currently working at a retail pharmacy during the sem break. Sadly to find that it is kind of boring and i m really confused about my future now.

pharmalogik said...

there is a lot of options for a pharmacy students. u also can work in sales line, industry, hospital etc.. retail is a bit boring, but once u will get use to it.