Monday, March 23, 2009

My funny mind

Next year i will be 30 years old, i am wondering actually what i have done over the past 30 years. Am i maturing enough to enter the year of 30s? When i flashed back, my mind indeed changes as i old.

For eg, the newspaper that i read.
At 7 years old, standard 1
Only check out the chinese newspaper for the tv guide.

At 10 years old, standard 4
I started to buy and read Malay newspaper and i only read the comic section, tv guide and the news.

12 years old, standard 6
I started to read The Star and i read little bit of news, comic section, and tv guide.

15 years old, form 3
First i would read the Sport Section, followed by Comic, TV Guide, News. Never flip open the Biz Section.

25 years old,
Only then i start read the Biz Section, but hardly understand any. Tried anyway. Then the news.

26 years old
Read the Biz Section, then follow by checking advertisement for sale, does not bother to read Sports.

Starting at 28 years old
Only read occasionally The Star or Sunday Times, usually read from online, especially Stocktube and MT.

30 years old,
So what is next?
Read p*rn magazine? Hey!! it is not available in Malaysia lar..
Haha..... Will i change again?

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See Teck said...

By the time you are around 40's or 50's you will be reading obituaries! So do what you want as time don't wait!