Thursday, June 07, 2007

My car accident in 2005

Would you buy a Proton Iswara? What happens when they meet head to back?
This actually happened to me some where in 2005, months before pharmalogik opens. Out of nowhere, suddenly the car banged my car from behind. It also turn out the car driver work as an ambulance driver in my district hospital.
Right after the accident, the Kurnia Insurance towing car arrived within minutes.
There he goes...
The result: How about my car?
Would you buy a Proton Iswara/ Saga? Yes and No. Proton Saga/ Iswara is soft in front and super hard at the back. Still i have changed a new bumper. It cost me RM 400 as the guy does not have insurance cover.

Ask the pharmacist!
So next time is better to get hit from the back than the front when you are driving malaysian car and it is much better to be hit by a better car (as usually imported car has insurance to cover)

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