Thursday, November 15, 2007

How can a tissue improve?

I attended one of my friend's wedding in ipoh last month, Sitting: Poh Kheng, my wife, me, Seok Liang, Kok Onn, Alister, Doris
Standing: The bride and the Groom lor

and the things which attracted me the most is this.
Ya, a WET TISSUE! Remember how we usually get a packet of wet tissue after the dinner in restaurant? The one which produce a POP sound when we open it by force? Haha....
Look at the contents!!
By looking at the wet tissue contents which is very impressive. I WOW for 5 times.

Can it be improve somemore?
1)Reverse Osmosis Water: Sterile 100% RO distilled water?
2)Vitamin C----> Vitamin A-Z?
3)Fragrance---> Fragrance suitable for sensitive skin
4)Lotion---> Er....whitening lotion?
5)Preservative---> Preservative free?
6)Spunlace Nonwoven---> I no tissue design expert
7)Infused with natural botanical extracts: Next improvement is 100% natural?

I wonder how much does it cost to make this tissue? Tissue also got class now.
First Class: Used by the richest of the richest (mentioned above)

Second Class - Used by professionals/ Rich people

Third Class: Used by studentsForth class: Used by "kiam siap" people like me...haha


Ted said...

Wah...ppl nowaday so rich wan ah?

I still use pangsai chua to blow my nose wan...

ws pang said...

wah..... good write up
really respect u.

should have Vit E tissue HEHE.

Ted said...

You forgot one even cheaper one..