Monday, August 30, 2010

My Proton Saga

Everyone should have a ladder at home. You will never know when you will need it but when you need it, it may be too late. My solar powered water heater pipe connection burst recently and without a ladder to go up the roof to close the stopper, the water was flowing from it like a waterfall. The only option is to close up the main water pipe, which also means no water for everyone.

The next day i went to the hardware shop to get one and was told i can choose to transport it myself or delivered by them. So, I told him, are you sure i can put this 10 steps ladder into my car? The boss replied yes with full confidence and said proton iswara is a good car to transport things.

I just don't believe what the boss said. But the picture shows the result. He managed to fit the whole ladder inside. So, it is proven that a 10 steps ladder can fit inside a proton iswara. I still dont believe it, so that is why i took the pictures. Hahaha

1 comment:

AhYap said...

I do EXACTLY this when I bought a ladder! Same car model but mine only 8 steps! I was very shocked when the boss say I can put it into my car!

Your certainly broke the record!