Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is jahanam a proper word to teach our kids?

Last sunday, when i was looking for some story books for my baby, i came across this malay story book. As far as i am concerned, "jahanam" is a bad word. It meant something like "u go to hell", or "fuck yourself".
Could someone with an A1 in SPM help to explain what is the real meaning of jahanam? Maybe it i am oversensitive, it can meant "naughty"?

That is why i dont buy Malay story book for my baby.

Baby is going to be 2 years old coming this August. She had learned up a lot. This including helping around with some house chores.

E.g Doing the laundry. This is the best video i can take with my current Samsung Omnia II.Satisfactory to view in youtube but not in TV. I cant wait for iphone 4 and also 5D MkII.

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