Monday, February 01, 2010

Finally got my own nest

After working for 6 years and staying nomadic, switching between my father's place and staying in a small room at the back of my pharmacy, finally i got my own place call home, or "Nest", which all Cancerian labeled their home as nest.

If u all wonder what am i doing with the stick, yes i was doing some "Monkey King" moves inside my nest to ward off the evils that may be lurking around. Hitting all around the house, the master bedroom, the toilets, the floor etc... (I guess u know why am i doing it right?)


Ted said...

Congratulations on your nest! were born in the year of the monkey right? Does that mean I should pee over the corners of my house to mark my territory? Haha

ws pang said...

Wao.... your nest look nice and huge.
Congratulation boss.

pharmalogik said...

boss ted, u didnt do that?

boss pang, tq haha..

the reason i use the stick and hit around the house is to check for tiles workmanship. each tiles got to be hit with wooden stick, to check for uneven pasting or if it is empty inside. the sound is diff if the tiles is not properly fixed. this is to prevent future cracking of tiles. i found few tiles empty underneath by doing that. will ask the developer to take out the tiles and fix in again.

Anonymous said...

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