Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alcohol allergy

Some Asian people do this kind of allergy when they consumed beer. My brothers and me are among this group of people. Yesterday was my cousin brother's wedding, and i had plenty, er..just few glasses, and woila....this is what i get in the morning.

This is what appeared on my back. A little bit of uncomfortable itchiness and burning skin.

If u r habitual 4D gambler, u can try to find any numbers at my back.

Ask the pharmacist
What to do when u have this kind of allergy? 
Skin rashes due to beer consumption....

1) Find your pharmacist. He/she will be able to assess on how serious is your condition. There r plenty of medication for it. Antihistamines, calamine, hydrocortisone, milk thistle, essentiale forte, jetepar, simepar, etc.
2) Find me if u can't find your pharmacist. Haha..
3) Find your dr if u cannot find me. Haahahaha...
4) Pls note that alcoholic beverages is no good for your health.

This is one of the medication i took for my rashes. It is a leftover medicine from my baby.

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Ted said...

Your liver must be in very good shape. Heheh