Thursday, January 08, 2009

Stop the nonsense: Misleading news

Everytime i see the KLCI tumbles, the news will say it is profit taking. WTF?
Ask around the share investors and see, if they indeed have taken profit today. Profit is taken when the market is good and when everyone want a piece of the cake, not when the market is bad and everyone thinking of selling.
When a normal investor read the news, they will tend to hold on the stocks and give all types of excuses of not selling their stocks. In other words, they fall in love with their stocks. And since the news say today KLCI down becoz of profit taking, so if i keep it longer, the price will bounce back right? Right?

Ask the pharmacist
1)If u r that type of investor, I will certainly will pray for u.
2)Set your own rules of investing. Mine is MA3 cross MA7 then buy, got profit faster sell.. haha!

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