Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Public Bank declare dividend and new shares

20/1/09 Today Public Bank announced a good quarterly earning and the following freebies for its shareholders.

Entitlement date

Distribution of share dividend on the basis of 1 Public Bank ("PBB") treasury share listed and quoted as 'Local' on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd for every 35 ordinary shares of RM1.00 each held in PBB, fractions of treasury shares to be disregarded ("Share Dividend")

Entitlement subject
Final Dividend
Entitlement description
Final dividend of 25% less 25% income tax

It means if u r buying in 1000 shares of public bank today at RM 8650 and holding it until after 26/2/2009, u will get RM 250 + 28 new shares (8.65 x 28=RM242.20)

Total dividend= RM 492.20!!!

Previous dividend declared is RM 300, if u total up RM 300+RM 492.20= RM 792.20
RM 792.20/8650 x100= 9.2% interest rate for the year 2008!!

If u happens to buy Public Bank at RM 12.00,
792.20/12000=6.6% also!

Fanstastic right? Maybe Mr Najib is right? No recession in malaysia? Or maybe only Public Bank? No wonder Public Bank received so many awards.
Compare this rate with FD, u still want to put money in FD?


Ted said...

hmmmmmmm....sounds good

pharmalogik said...

good news, but the share has taken a real beating today.. sigh? maybe recession is imminent..

PALS said...

OSK Research has reduced PBB's rating to neutral. That might be one of the cause.

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