Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lose weight: Do vitamins make you fat?

Typical questions i encounter in my pharmacy
-Do vitamins make you fat?
-I eat little, how come i can become fat?
-I skip dinner and supper, how i become fat?

Ask the pharmacist (My theory)
1) Input= Output
Simple as this, if u take in more energy in form of food (kcal) than u use, then u gain weight. If u use more energy than u consume, u lost weight.

Basal Energy Expenditure Calculation
Let say me, a male. 28 years old,70kg, 172cm
My BEE would be around 1695kcal.
If, let says if i take the following meals daily,

Roti Telur 1 piece: 356kcal
Teh Tarik 1 small cup: 154kcal
Fried Rice 1 plate: 637 kcal
Chicken Curry 1 pieces: 195kcal
Tea time
Maggi Mee Cup 1 cup: 251kcal
Bubur Kacang 1 bowl: 244kcal
French Fries 350g: 1124kcal
Briyani Rice: 448kcal
Stingray Asam Fish 1piece: 122kcal
Yogurt whole milk 1 cup:401kcal
Hokkein Mee 1 plate: 1149kcal
Prune juice: 182kcal

My total input: 5263kcal My output BEE: 1695kcal So excess of 5263-1695=3568kcal

So this 3568kcal will turn into fat if i dont do anything about it.
to use up this 3568kcal, i will need to play

Football for 30 minutes 321kcal
Jog for 30 minutes 273kcal
Go swimming 30 minutes: 375kcal
Go boxing 30minutes 258kcal
Play badminton 30 minutes: 153kcal
Jumping rope non stop for 30minute: 333kcal
Play basketball 30minutes: 273kcal
Go aerobic dancing 30 minutes: 204kcal
Lastly, too tired, so i sleep for 30minutes: 33kcal

Total time spend: 4 hours of exercising only burn 2223kcal
Still left 1345kcal will turn into fat....9kcal/1g of fat, i will gain 1345/9=150g a day and die as a fat guy...
See it is not how much exercise u do, it is actually how much u eat?
So don't come to me and tell me i don't eat much, but i cannot lose weight.

2) So how to lose weight? Look at the Nutrition information label. Maggi mee cup is 251kcal, so if i take 4 cups/daily, i only consume 1004kcal, therefore i can lose weight. Yup, it is correct. But this is extremely unhealthy and i am sure i will suffer from hunger. Usually 1 cup of maggi mee can last me about half to 1 hour before i get hungry again. And i will get sick as well without good nutritions....
I prefer to be a fat guy rather than a sick guy...

3) Email me if u have more questions. Let me know your age, weight, tall, list of foods u take daily, so i can formulate a healthy weight loss diet for you. Lastly, dont believe the Petua Berguna on the Maggi Mee Cup Label. And remember to recycle the maggi me cup too...dont throw it away....hehe...

4)Do Vitamins make you fat? It will if u consume the whole bottle of lets say 90 capsules fish oil/day. Or else, the answer should be NO.


Ted said...

Wah... you eat so much in a day?? Terrer u!

pharmalogik said...

SALUTE YOUR KING LEE..BOW BEFORE ME..i even do 4 hours of exercise daily...HAHAHA