Friday, February 01, 2008

Treatment for Sore throat

What do we do when we have sore throat?
1) Go to supermarket/ grocery shop to buy Strepsils.2) Go to pharmacy and ask for advise.
3) Go to see Dr.
4) Drink more water?

Ask the pharmacist
1) First we have to differentiate whether the cause of sore throat caused by virus or bacteria.
Viral/Virus pharyngitis- Mild redness, slight inflamation, prominent lymphoid patches.

Streptococcal (bacteria) pharyngitis- Erythema, inflammation, and white patches of the tonsils.

2) If it is caused by virus, there is nothing much u can do, taking antibiotics wont help. It will heal by itself after about 7 days. Taking pain killer and certain medicine will help to reduce the pain and inflammations. So look in the mirror for yourself and don't always ask for antibiotics whenever u see a Dr! Taking too much antibiotics is no good.

3)If it is caused by bacteria, u can either take antibiotics or lozenges or use a mouthwash.
Sore throat lozenges

Mouth Wash (See it only said it protects against oral bacterial and fungal infections, NOT VIRUS)
Maybe taking vitamin C will helps.

4) Lastly always consult your Dr and pharmacist.


ws pang said...

good good... salute u brother.

i took high high dose Vitamin C, it work for me... haha

Ted said...

Very good post! I've not taken any dose of antibiotics since my Uni days...

Difflam Red is great for me.